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A workplace accident can cause physical pain, interrupt your daily routine, lead to lost wages, and cause much stress. Your job in West Hartford, CT, is your means of supporting yourself and your family. When that is taken away by someone else’s negligence, you deserve financial compensation – and the faster you can get it, the better.

The residents of West Hartford, CT, are hard workers and have jobs in a wide variety of professions. You may work in a factory, restaurant, office, or construction site, regardless of the location you could get hurt on the job. Workers in the State of Connecticut are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when they are injured on the job. However, not all employers readily provide these benefits to their employees after a workplace injury. Claims are sometimes denied or else workers are not offered a fair amount.

The process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, we can help the process go faster and more smoothly, since workers’ compensation law is one of the practice areas our Hartford, CT, law firm works in. If you have been injured at your place of employment, call our law firm today at 888-WIN-FAST to schedule a free consultation. 


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What Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Employers in West Hartford, Connecticut, are legally required to hold workers’ compensation policies. These policies protect both employees and the employer. The employer is protected against lawsuits from employees who were injured at work. When employees agree to accept workers’ compensation benefits, they also typically agree not to sue their employer.

When employees are injured on the job, workers’ compensation should provide them with a quick payout. The amount of coverage varies from state to state. Depending on the circumstances and expense surrounding the accident, an employee may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation/therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Retraining/education
  • Prescription drugs
  • Travel expenses to and from doctors visits

Curious about what your claim can get you? Reach an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer serving West Hartford, Connecticut, at 888-WIN-FAST and schedule your free consultation today.

What Injuries Does West Hartford Workers’ Comp Cover?

In order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, the injury you sustained must be at or due to your work environment and be severe enough to affect your ability to work. The following are examples of illnesses and injuries that you may be eligible to receive benefits for, but you should speak to an attorney to discuss the specifics of your case.

Falling objects

A “falling object “ case may involve a branch falling and injuring a tree trimmer, items that are stacked too high or improperly on a shelf falling, an improperly loaded piece of equipment falling off of a trailer, or a host of other scenarios. Falling objects can cause serious injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). 


Overexertion is when you push your body past its physical limits resulting in strain or harm. Too much physical strain can result in serious injury. An example would be an employee lifting something heavy and harming his or her back or spine. 


Slip-and-falls are some of the most common accidents that occur in the workplace. Sometimes they are due to acts of negligence such as an employee not cleaning up a spilled liquid or forgetting to put up a wet floor sign. Other times, it may just be an accident due to an employee failing to notice a potential hazard. 


Fires, explosions, electrocution, or chemicals can cause employees to be burned. The severity of these depends on the situation, but some employees tragically have been left with permanent, life-altering injuries. 

Machinery injuries

There are a variety of different jobs in West Hartford, CT, that require the use of machinery: inside a factory, on a construction site, in a restaurant, at a store, or in another work environment. Any job that involves the use of machinery increases a workers’ risk of injury. When a machine malfunctions or is used improperly, serious injuries can result. 

Repetitive motion

Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, or other injuries could result from repetitive motion. West Hartford employees who suffer from this may begin to notice a tingling or numbness in their hands and struggle to pick up and hold objects. These types of injuries happen over a period of time, unlike most other injuries that have one sudden and direct cause. The date of injury is usually listed as the date of diagnosis by a medical professional. 

When You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

After a workplace accident in West Hartford, CT, you will benefit from hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer. Our fast-acting compensation attorneys at our law firm are board-certified and offer our clients valuable legal advice during their initial free consultation with us. And when you work with us, our attorneys will fight to ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve. 

The following are some situations where it would be especially important to have a personal injury lawyer on your side:

  • Your employer denied your claim
  • You have a pre-existing condition
  • You have a potential claim against a third party
  • Your benefits are delayed
  • Your injury is severe and prevents you from working for an extended period of time
  • You’re being accused of fraud
  • Your boss wants you to return to work but you don’t feel ready
  • The first doctor you see quickly clears you for work
  • You don’t trust the company doctors
  • You don’t understand the workers’ compensation process

Why Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Today Serving West Hartford, Connecticut

The skilled workers’ compensation lawyers at Gould Injury Law can explain your legal rights after a workplace accident. A lawyer with our firm can guide you through the application, appeal, and all other steps necessary to ensure you receive the financial compensation you are entitled to after your injury. Our attorneys have many years of experience in workers’ compensation law, so we make the process seem easy to many of our clients. 

However, you need never doubt that our attorneys are working hard on your behalf. The attorneys at our law firm care about our clients and work as efficiently as we can.

Our personal injury lawyers will act fast to obtain a fast and fair settlement for you after your West Hartford, CT, workers’ compensation accident. Call us today at 888-WIN-FAST to schedule a free consultation.

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