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According to the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were at least 128,739 crashes in the United States in connection with large vehicles in 2019. These crashes involved semi-trucks and buses. Out of that number, 116,904 large trucks were connected to 3,372 fatalities and 57,330 injuries between January and September.

If you or someone you know was involved in a Connecticut truck accident, you need an accident attorney who will work as fast as possible. It’s important to get help to navigate the complexities of the law with truck accidents–especially considering there is a time limit, AKA the statute of limitations.

It can be hard to find fault when involved in a truck or vehicle accident. Some choose to believe it’s automatically the smaller vehicle’s fault, while others tend to blame the truck driver. A personal injury lawyer can help determine fault and responsibility after a truck accident. Our truck accident lawyers in Connecticut can help! Our law firm is here for you to help you get the best possible settlement quickly. Call 888-WIN-FAST today to get started.

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Truck Drivers Negligence Cause Truck Accidents

When a tractor-trailer or large truck crashes and causes car accidents and the like, the results can be devastating. Because of the difference in size between the semi and smaller vehicles, the impact is extensive.

Truck accident lawyers know Connecticut driving laws do not make exceptions for larger vehicles. All drivers should obey the best practices and the rules of the road:

  • Obey all Connecticut speed limits both highway and city
  • Obey all posted traffic law and road signs
  • Remain alert while behind the wheel
  • Do not drive while under the influence and avoid a truck accident

In Connecticut, when someone is injured during a trucking accident, a lawsuit can be taken against both the driver and the trucking company for negligence. Negligence typically means the driver was operating without proper attention or equipment.

Leading Causes of Trucking Accidents

Many factors could cause a trucking accident. This could include anything from negligence to equipment failure and mother nature:

  • Defective truck equipment–From a tire blowing to parts falling off the truck, there are times that accidents happen despite regular maintenance
  • Vehicle Failure–From engine problems to fuel issues, vehicle failure can cause even the best driver to lose control of the roadway
  • Driving too fast during inclement road conditions
  • Poor road conditions and debris in the road–Often, highway departments are not able to stay on top of road maintenance; for a semi-truck, coming up on debris can cause shifting cargo or abrupt braking that can cause accidents
  • Weather–Inclement weather, snow, hail, rain, wind, and even direct sunlight can affect a driver’s ability to keep driving safely
  • Lane drifting and driving off the road from lack of attention
  • Driver fatigue–Drivers are expected to get their shipments to their destinations on time, but too many hours behind the wheel, lack of sleep, or simply boredom can cause a driver to either feel drowsy or fall asleep at the wheel
  • Improper truck maneuvering–Taking tight or sharp turns or driving too fast through intersections can cause an accident for any large or commercial truck
  • Shifting cargo–When cargo is not secured, it can shift during transport causing the driver to lose control of the truck or trailer; or, it can fall onto the roadway, causing accidents to other vehicles

Negligent behavior by trucking companies include:

  • Insufficient driver training
  • Unrealistic demands on drivers to get the shipment delivered in a hurry
  • Dangerous behaviors being encouraged, such as driving without enough sleep or speeding
  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Negligent failure to check the driver’s legal and driving qualifications

According to the FMCSA, commercial drivers and trucking companies are to:

  • Minimize the number of hours driven without a break
  • Ensure drivers receive the proper training and instruction
  • Maintain care and safety for each vehicle
  • Enforce a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol
  • Keep loads under the legal maximum weight limit

Negligent trucking companies can cause drivers to have an accident. Many times, in Connecticut, if these acts are proven to be the fault of the trucking company, then the company is responsible for the accident. You will need legal representation from experienced truck accident lawyers to prove who is at fault.

Any of the above scenarios can cause an accident for the truck driver and others on the road. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you need representation from Gould Injury Law. We can help you determine who is responsible and get you adequate compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Why You Need an Experienced Connecticut Truck Accident Attorney

With any accident, your focus should be on your recovery. Often, injuries are so extensive that it is hard to do anything but try and recover. Having a truck accident attorney like Gould Injury Law will allow you to focus on what matters most: recovering, getting yourself back to work, and spending time with your family. Meanwhile, we will focus on the legal side of things for you.

At our law firm, our truck accident lawyers investigate the incident to help determine fault, to assess property damage, and to fight insurance carriers to handle your claim. We take care of these things for you so that you don’t have to worry about your case, knowing you have the help you need on your side.

Our truck accident attorneys are experienced (1) when it comes to evaluating the accident and your injury and also (2) when we work against the opposing insurance company or attorneys. We always make sure to add up all the damages: your medical costs, your property damage, your pain and suffering, and even punitive damages to punish the liable party.

If you have suffered injuries from a truck accident, contact us today! We are available 24/7 and are awaiting your call at 888-WIN-FAST.

Why Hire Gould Injury Law?

Why choose us to represent you? Because we have over 40 years of total law experience working personal injury claims and truck accidents–and we boast the legal negotiating skills to win your case fast.

You do not have time to wait on insurance companies for compensation. Many times, insurance companies drag their feet. Otherwise, they work so swiftly to get you to settle out of court without a lawyer that your medical and overall safety is forgotten. They may work quickly, but we work faster. When you want a fast Connecticut injury lawyer to handle your truck accident, we are the law firm for you.

The trucking world talks with their own jargon–and we are fluent in this strange language. What’s more, we have the knowledge and background necessary to handle unique truck accident cases. We follow up and continuously educate ourselves on:

  • Driver qualifications and requirements
  • Driving hour limits
  • Rules regarding driver log and Hours of Service
  • Inspection safety rules
  • Drug and alcohol testing procedures for drivers

What’s more, we have experience in getting access to the most pertinent information, such as:

  • Insurance contact information
  • Highway Patrol crash reports
  • The amount of primary insurance
  • Past driving records from the driver
  • Past crashes that either the trucking company or the driver were involved in
  • Safety violations from both the trucking company and the driver
  • Equipment defects

The opposing insurer and truck accident attorney will not have your best interest at heart, and neither will the trucking company. That’s why you need a skilled accident lawyer on your side. With Gould Injury Law, you get more than just one fast-working attorney; you get a whole legal team that knows truck accident law and applies it fast on your behalf. We are your voice; we advocate for you to get you the best compensation available as soon as possible.

When to Contact Us After a Truck Accident in Connecticut?

Connecticut personal injury lawyer

Contact us today! As soon as an accident happens, insurance companies dispatch their own rapid response teams to investigate. They intend to gather evidence and investigate the crash scene to shift the fault or blame away from their client–the driver or their company. Typically, they are available 24/7.

But so are we. We have two office locations in Connecticut to serve you, but if you are not able to come to us, a lawyer or one of our legal team will come to you.

When you are ready to start your claim in Connecticut and need a lawyer, give us a call. We don’t get paid until you do. You have nothing to lose when you take advantage of our free consultation.

Your initial consultation will give us time to get to know each other. We are fast at getting you a settlement, but we slow down just enough to provide you with ample time to ask questions and fill us in on your case. We want to know every detail–before, during, and after your collision.

There are a million truck accidents that ruin lives; your accident does not have to be a million and one! Call 1-888-WIN-FAST to hire a fast-working lawyer who cares.

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