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Gould Injury Law is a team of Connecticut dog bite attorneys with the expertise and skill required to navigate the critical practice area of dog bite personal injury. Residents of Hartford, and other cities throughout the state of Connecticut, can count on Gould Injury Law to maintain a secure attorney-client relationship with clear communication, expert legal advice and the aggressive pursuit of the compensation victims of dog attacks deserve.

An animal attack is an incredibly frightening and dangerous trauma to endure, especially for children. Children are often bitten by dogs running free, without restraint from the dog’s owner. Connecticut dog bite lawyers have a complete understanding of Connecticut law regarding liability, negligence, and who is responsible for medical bills after an animal attack. With this knowledge, a Connecticut dog bite lawyer can represent the victim of a dog attack when negotiating with an insurance company, filing a common law negligence claim or seeking compensation through strict liability.

Gould Injury Law dog bite attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of CT dog bite victims. If you or a loved one have been injured by a dog in Hartford, CT or the surrounding area and need help getting the compensation you deserve, contact the Connecticut law firm of Gould Injury Law. The moments immediately following a dog bite can be chaotic and stressful. As soon as medical treatment has been delivered and the victim is safe, contact Gould Injury Law for a free consultation about your case. The initial free consultation does not obligate you in any way, but gives you the opportunity to assess whether the attorney-client relationship will work for you. The sooner you call the injury lawyers at Gould, the sooner you can get financial compensation for medical bills and other damages. Available 24 hours a day. Call Gould Injury Law 888-WIN-FAST

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Connecticut Dog Laws

Dog owners in Connecticut are required to follow state laws governing the health and control of dogs in the state. The Animal Control Unit located in Hartford, CT is the governing body used to investigate reported incidents of property damage, personal injury, and nuisances caused by dogs. The enforcement of Connecticut dog laws is also under the purview of Animal Control officers along with local city officials.

To help lower the rate of dog bites, protect the public, and protect the health of dogs in Connecticut, the following laws have been enacted.

  • Dogs that are over six months old must be licensed.
  • All dogs three months old and older are required to be vaccinated against rabies. Rabies vaccinations must remain current for all dogs.
  • Dogs must be under control of the owner or keeper at all times. Dogs of any age are not allowed to run free off of private property.
  • Reports of damage done by dogs to livestock, poultry, or any other animal are investigated by animal control staff.
  • A dog bite, whether the victim is human or animal, may require the offending dog to be quarantined when necessary.

A CT dog bite can happen even if a dog’s owner or keeper is intending to obey the law. Animals can escape from fenced yards and attack and bite without a dog owner even knowing. Dog owners are liable for the damage their animals cause regardless of whether or not they were negligent or breaking the law.

A dog owner’s home insurance policy may include liability coverage for dog bites, however, the amount of coverage varies and may not be enough to cover the full extent of a victims personal injury, pain and suffering, and long term rehabilitation. A dog bite attorney or law firm can assess the damage from a dog bite injury and advise their client on what the claim is actually worth. A dog bite lawyer with experience negotiating with insurance adjusters ensures that victims get fully compensated for their injuries.

If you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, a dog bite attorney with Gould Injury Law will stand up to insurance companies who want to settle quickly with a low-ball offer. Gould Injury Law is a law firm that represents their clients best interest under all circumstances when settling a dog bite claim.

CT Dog Attacks and Dog Bite Injuries

Injuries from a dog attack often include more than dog bites. Children and adults are often knocked to the ground during attacks and may suffer other injuries such as concussion, traumatic brain injury, or worse, a wrongful death. Dog attack injuries may also include broken bones from crushing dog bites, avulsion injuries that tear muscle and tissue away from the body leading to the loss of ears, or fingers and dangerous puncture wounds. Puncture wound injuries may not look like much on the surface but these injuries have a high rate of infection such as sepsis and may lead to a rabies exposure. Laceration injuries to the face occur when a victim is knocked down and attacked, these injuries can lead to horrible scarring and permanent disfigurement.

If you have been injured by a dog, get to a safe place immediately. Get needed medical care and ask for help from bystanders. Get contact information from the responsible party or dog owner if there is one nearby. Try to get names and phone numbers of witnesses. Call animal control to report that you have been injured by a dog and let them know if the owner is there or if the dog is a stray. As soon as possible, contact a lawyer with experience in legal cases involving dog bites.

Gould Injury Law is a team of personal injury attorneys with the legal expertise to help victims of dog attacks receive compensation from the party liable for their injuries. Gould understands the financial burden placed on families from a personal injury and offers a free, no obligation consultation, along with a fee scale that is contingent on Gould winning your case. Victims don’t pay unless a successful settlement is reached. Owners are liable for damages their pet causes and Gould fights to hold them accountable. To schedule a free consultation contact Gould Injury Law at 888-WIN-FAST.

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