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Dog ownership is on the rise, and with good reason, dog’s provide unconditional love, reduce loneliness and increase activity level of owners, leading to positive health benefits. Of course a lot of children love dogs, begging parents for a puppy is almost a right of passage in America. The 2019-2020 American Pet Products Association survey reveals that 63.4 million households own at least one dog. While there are many positive benefits to dog ownership, there are also legal responsibilities required of a dog owner. Responsible dog owners are aware of the specific state laws and regarding dog ownership and follow them.

Unfortunately, even responsible animal owners can have an accident with their dog and be liable for damages. The American Humane Society reports over 4.5 million Americans are bitten by a dog every year, and half of those attacked are children. Tragically, in the years between 2005 and 2019, there were 521 fatalities due to dog attacks.

A Connecticut dog bite lawyer can help victims of an animal attack and those who suffer dog bite injuries by filing a Connecticut personal injury claim. A Hartford, CT dog bite attorney can help victims of a dog attack recover compensation for the damage a dog causes.

Gould Injury Law is an experienced law firm of skilled attorneys ready to help Hartford dog bite victims recover the financial compensation they deserve. Robert Gould and his team of attorneys fight hard for children and adults who have been bitten or attacked by an animal. With over 20 years experience in personal injury law, Robert Gould settles cases quickly for the maximum value possible. If you have suffered a dog bite personal injury in the state of Connecticut, the dog bite lawyers at Gould Injury Law can help. For a free consultation call 888-WIN-FAST.

Connecticut Dog Ownership Regulations

Dog laws in Connecticut are in place to regulate the actions of dog owners, keep the public safe, and protect animals. Preventing dog attacks is the goal of the Hartford Animal Control Unit. The Animal Control Unit is responsible for investigations regarding property damage, attacks, and nuisance dog complaints against the owner of a dog. The Animal Control Unit also investigates complaints of a dog owner’s cruelty or neglect.

Whether you own a dog in Hartford, New London or any other city in Connecticut, the basic regulations regarding dog ownership are the same.

  • Dogs over six months old must be licensed in the town or city they will be kept in.
  • Dogs three months of age and older must be vaccinated against rabies. Rabies vaccinations must be kept current.
  • Dogs must be in control of the owner or keeper at all times. Dogs are not allowed to run free.

If observed, these basic Connecticut dog regulations lower the incidents of dog attacks, dog bites, and property damage in Hartford and throughout Connecticut.

If you have been injured by a dog running free, in violation of Connecticut legal statute, contact Gould Injury Law as soon as possible. The Connecticut dog bite attorneys at Gould can help you recover damages even if the dog was let loose by accident. To start the compensation recovery process, call today. 888-WIN-FAST.

Connecticut Dog Bite And Attack Injuries

Personal injury from dog attacks and bites vary in their severity and seriousness. All dog bites need to be reported to authorities even if the bite doesn’t appear to require medical treatment. Damage from a bite may not appear immediately and it is recommended that any bite from a dog be seen by a health care provider to minimize future complications.

Individuals attacked by a dog are often knocked to the ground, especially if the victims are children, and serious injuries can occur even if the child isn’t bitten. Dog owners are liable for all damages and injuries caused by their dog regardless if the injured person is actually bitten in the attack.

Common dog bite injuries and dog attack injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Bone fractures
  • Avulsion, muscle and or skin that is torn away from the body
  • Lacerations, cuts to the skin
  • Abrasions, removal of the top layer of skin
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, mild or severe concussion

The damage caused to a victim of an animal attack, whether or not they were actually bitten, can be extensive with long-term negative consequences.
Injuries from a dog attack and dog bites can lead to:

  1. Infection. Infections can happen from dog bites and scratches. Infections can cause very serious illnesses like rabies, tetanus, and sepsis. All of which, if left untreated, can lead to death.
  2. Loss of Body Parts. Severe avulsions from a dog attack can sever ears, fingers, toes resulting in permanent deformity and disability.
  3. Scarring. Lacerations and abrasions often leave scarring. Some scarring from a dog bite may be temporary in nature while other, more severe injuries will leave permanent disfiguring scars. Most traumatically, scarring often occurs on the face of the victim.
  4. Brain Damage. Brain damage can occur in adults and children who are knocked to the ground by a dog and hit their head on a hard surface. Brain damage can lead to memory loss, chronic headaches, seizures, coma, vertigo, blood vessel damage etc.

Dog bites and dog attacks have the potential to cause extremely serious and long-lasting personal injury. A Connecticut dog bite lawyer can help you recover damages if you or a loved one have been bit by a dog in an attack. Dog bite injuries of any kind should be seen by a medical professional immediately for assessment and medical treatment and then injured victims should contact an attorney.

The Hartford, Connecticut dog bite lawyer, Gould Injury Law offers a free consultation to dog bite victims. If you or a loved one have been injured by a dog bite you may be entitled to damages including but not limited to medical bills, pain and suffering, and other medical expenses. Insurance company negotiation, gathering evidence of pain and suffering and filing a your claim are just a few of the ways the legal dog bite team at Gould Injury Law can help you or a loved one. Call for a free consultation 888-WIN-FAST.

Connecticut Dog Bite Liability

Connecticut dog bite statutes operate under strict liability. In the state of Connecticut, strict liability means that subject to certain exceptions, a dog’s owner or keeper is liable for any personal injury or property damage their dog causes. According to Connecticut law, a victim injured by a dog does not need to prove negligence or that the owner knew the dog was vicious in order to seek compensation for medical treatment, etc.

Personal injury compensation for a victim bit by a dog can also be sought through common law negligence. In these cases proof of negligence or knowledge of dog aggression by the owner is required. Common law is best pursued using the services of a Hartford personal injury lawyer or attorney with experience.

Liability for damage caused by a dog is always on the owner except in cases where the victim had no legal reason for being on the property, such as trespassing, teasing or tormenting the dog, or engaged in any other illegal pursuit.

A defendant’s home owners insurance policy may cover all or part of damages depending on the severity of the dog bites and insurance limits. A lawyer or team of attorneys can often negotiate with insurance companies to increase the amount of compensation a victim receives.

Hartford residents seeking compensation for their injuries can contact a Connecticut dog bite lawyer at Gould Injury Law. Working on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay unless you win compensation for your injuries. Contact a Gould lawyer for a free consultation if you have injuries from being attacked by a dog.

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