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Trucks, trailers, and tractor-trailers are essential in our nation’s supply chain. But, when
commercial truck drivers or trucking companies put profits first, above other road users’ safety, it
puts all at risk.

As a result, accidents can happen. If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident in
Hartford, you need a highly-skilled truck accident lawyer in Hartford, CT, who can work fast to
get you fair compensation.

At Gould Injury Law, every truck accident lawyer is familiar with the nuances and technicalities
of a truck accident. And this matters. Each of us is dedicated to providing fast results and knows
how to help you get your compensation quickly.

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What’s Expected of Commercial Truck Drivers on the Roads?

Most truckers are commercial drivers, working for at least one trucking company. As a result, every commercial driver is held to higher roadway standards. He or she is expected to adhere to and utilize all safety precautions while behind the wheel.

When truck drivers ignore these safe road usage directives, the consequences can be severe for them and their victims. Unfortunately, accidents between 18-wheelers and similar or smaller vehicles are hardly mild. If anything, they’re ghastly and, in many cases, fatal.

Major Causes of Truck Accidents in Hartford, CT

Large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers are big machines. Their build is quite different from that of an average private or commercial vehicle. This means that only qualified individuals are expected to drive and given the license to drive these commercial vehicles.

As a rule, truck drivers are mandated by federal and state laws to be extra careful on inner-city roads, highways, and interstate routes.

Every truck driver is required to follow a set of driving rules that’s stricter than that of other road users. Unfortunately, not all commercial and regular truck drivers adhere to these guidelines. This usually results in truck accidents that cause significant personal injury.

But, the main causes of these accidents include:

  • Distracted driving–For example: texting, phone calls, eating, looking for something, using CB radio, and fiddling with controls
  • Excessive speeding
  • Poor road design–This particularly applies to Hartford’s roads and other roadways across the state, which are often found to be badly designed
  • Overall rashness behind the wheel
  • Bad driving habits –Locals are known for either driving too slow or too fast; tailgating is also a common occurrence in Hartford, CT, which drastically increases the chances of people getting in an accident
  • Driving under the influence of illicit drugs, alcohol, and/or prescription meds
  • Driving while fatigued–Also known as drowsy driving
  • Poor maintenance routines for the trucks–Resulting in weak parts causing failure
  • Truck driver sleeping behind the wheel
  • Brake failure
  • Not adhering to the required hours of service–This can be the fault of the trucking company or truck driver
  • Sudden illness while driving–Such as a stroke or heart attack
  • Running stop signs or red lights
  • Not yielding to other road users’ right of way
  • Not indicating before changing lanes, making turns, or overtaking other vehicles
  • Aggressive driving
  • Not paying attention to the weather while driving–This may include speeding or driving aggressively during the winter
  • Not paying attention to the state of the road

Please note that on the subject of poor road design, Connecticut has many issues. For instance, some of our left-hand exits and lanes aren’t obvious until you’ve nearly passed them. This means motor vehicle drivers suddenly cutting in front of other drivers or braking suddenly to take those exits. While these poorly planned roads are scattered across Connecticut, they’re even more prevalent in Hartford, CT.
Specifically, the stretch dissecting the city has drastically increased the risk of accidents. It’s probably why everyone comments on the erratic drivers of Hartford.

Common Injuries Sustained in Truck Accidents

Trucks can weigh tons. Thus, accidents between trucks and similar-sized or smaller vehicles are usually very serious. In fact, it’s almost impossible for a smaller motor vehicle and its occupants to escape this sort of accident unscathed.

This is probably why truck drivers are involved in about 7.2 percent of all accident fatalities in Connecticut. When trucks are barreling down the highway, it’s not just the speed that’s involved.

It’s a combination of the weight, size, and sheer force that does the damage. A commercial vehicle or truck going 70 miles an hour carries just about the same force as a regular-sized vehicle traveling at nearly 400 miles an hour.

This is why runaway trucks can crush or climb over up to 10 smaller stationary vehicles. It’s also why occupants of smaller vehicles or pedestrians, bikers, and cyclists often either suffer life-threatening injuries or die on impact.

Some more common injuries caused by truck accidents are:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries–These can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Back and hip injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Internal bleeding and damaged organs
  • Broken bones
  • Head, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Major bruises, cuts, and burns
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Psychological trauma–Post-traumatic stress syndrome is often common afterward
  • Loss of sight and hearing
  • Arm and leg injuries

While these injuries are quite common, there are other possible injuries not listed here. Get in touch with Gould Injury Law to speak to a qualified truck accident lawyer in Hartford, CT, if you’ve been in a truck accident.

This is very important even if there’s no sign of personal injury yet. Sometimes, these injuries–whiplash, for instance–don’t show up until later. Our Connecticut truck accident attorneys will make sure that you get the compensation you deserve and the help you need.

Call us today at 888-WIN-FAST to schedule a free consultation and see if you have a case.

What to do Right After a Truck Accident in Hartford, CT

If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident, there are a few crucial steps you must take to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones:

  • Call 911 immediately
  • Check for any personal injury on yourself and your loved ones
  • Try to get yourself and your loved ones to safety–Usually, the side of the road works, unless the truck is carrying flammable materials. In that case, you’ll need to get as far away as possible from the scene. Please look out for other vehicles while you’re trying to get to safety (most of the time, other motorists stop to help when they see an accident)
  • Gather and document the evidence–This is not easy after an accident, but it’s important to take videos and photos of the scene
  • Exchange contact and insurance details with the other driver if you can
  • Get yourself and/or your loved one(s) to the hospital–Emergency services will typically assist with this
  • Say nothing to anyone unless you want them to find something or someone important at the scene
  • Call the experienced truck accident lawyers in Hartford, CT, at Gould Injury Law
  • Don’t speak to an insurance adjuster or company until your truck accident attorney is present

We understand that doing some or any of these things might be hard. Still, it’s vital to take as many of these steps as possible. If you’re able to check all of the above off your list, it’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting your compensation sooner.

Bills tend to pile up quickly while you’re in the hospital. And even when you have extensive health insurance, it may not be enough to cover everything, which means you may have to pay out of pocket. This isn’t something you want to deal with while you and your loved ones are healing. You should focus on getting better, instead of worrying about your medical bills.

Instead, let the truck accident lawyers at Gould Injury Law handle this for you. Robert Gould is a seasoned personal injury and truck crash lawyer with a reputation for delivering fast results to truck accident clients in Hartford and the state of Connecticut.

Call Gould Injury Law at 888-WIN-FAST to schedule a free consultation and have us represent you.

What if You Lost a Loved One in a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are usually catastrophic and often fatal. Losing a loved one is never easy, and when it’s caused by a truck crash, it can be particularly heart-wrenching and emotionally destabilizing.

If your loved one was killed in a truck accident, you have the opportunity to pursue justice and compensation. You’ll have to file a wrongful death claim which will allow you to recover any financial losses incurred.

In Connecticut, the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate must file the lawsuit. If no executor or administrator was named before the death occurred, then the court will decide who will serve in that role. From there, the executor of the estate files a wrongful death suit on behalf of the relatives of the deceased person. If the crash was attributed to the commercial driver’s negligence, this suit is likely to be filed against the truck driver or even possibly also all the trucking companies that the driver works for.

Going through this process as a family can be particularly tough while grieving, but it’s best to get started as soon as possible in ensuring that your loved one did not die in vain.

Gould Injury Law’s truck accident attorneys in Hartford, CT, can help you take care of this while you grieve. We offer experienced legal guidance and representation designed to ensure that you get both the financial compensation and justice you want while focusing on yourself and your family during this difficult time.

Who is Liable in a Commercial Truck Accident in Hartford, CT?

Accidents involving trucks can be complex. This is because there are usually many factors and entities involved.

When we take on truck collision cases at Gould Injury Law, we first conduct a comprehensive analysis of the people who could be responsible for you or your loved one’s pain and suffering.

The entities likely to be held liable include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking companies–These entities play a role in determining the worker’s state of mind, health, and schedule
  • The truck’s owner–Which can be different from the trucking company
  • The trucking company or entity responsible for loading the truck
  • Auto repair professionals who handle the truck’s maintenance
  • Other drivers at the scene of the accident
  • Manufacturer of faulty commercial vehicle parts–If it’s established that the accident was caused by a faulty part
  • Haulage or the trucking company’s schedule

Finding the people or organizations responsible for the accident is what we do here at Gould Injury Law. Once we identify these entities, we’ll then quickly bring an action against them on your behalf.

What Can You Do if You’re in an Accident with an Out-of-Towner?

Connecticut’s highways are a common transit route for drivers in New England. Since the state is conveniently located between NYC and Boston, you can be sure that there’s a lot of out-of-town traffic and drivers.

The state is home to three major highways:

  • Interstate 84 (I-84)–Cuts through Hartford and connects with I-91
  • Interstate 91 (I-91)–Connects to New Haven and Hartford
  • Interstate 95 (I-95)–One of the most-trafficked highways in the US

If you take one or more of these routes daily, you’re likely to get in an accident with trucks that are passing through.

Accidents involving out-of-state commercial vehicles tend to be more complicated than those involving local drivers. This means that you may experience delays in getting your compensation if you get in an accident with these drivers.

This is why you need a fast-paced truck accident lawyer to handle your truck accident claims. Robert Gould of Gould Injury Law works quickly and is an experienced truck accident lawyer who understands the complicated nature of these cases and will help bring them to a favorable conclusion. His entire legal team shares the same values and is waiting to receive your call.

Is the Legal Process for Truck Accidents the same as Car Accidents?

While regular vehicles and trucks are both automotive vehicles, the processes involved in claiming compensation and justice for accidents are different between the two.

Truck accident claims are way more complex. Here’s why:

  • Injuries are usually more severe–The medical costs will be higher, so the insurance companies are even more likely to aggressively fight compensation claims
  • The nature of the negligence–Truck accidents caused by driver’s negligence are often linked to sleep deprivation, medication, and poor driver training
  • Federal and state laws
  • Mechanical problems–Brake failure, truck overturning, sudden jackknifing, excess weight, and so on
  • The number of entities involved–Truck accident cases are hardly ever linear; there’s usually more than one party to sue

These issues are hardly ever present in regular vehicle collisions and are best handled by an experienced, aggressive truck accident attorney at Gould Injury Law.

How Gould Injury Law Can Help You

Truck accident claims take time. It’s not unusual to have a case take a year or more to be fully resolved. However, Gould Injury Law works faster than the other guys because we know how to get the job done efficiently without cutting any “essential” corners.

Are you wondering how much compensation can you get? This depends on many factors including:

Loss of life–In this case, you may need to bring a wrongful death damage claim
Total cost medical treatment and projected cost of possible future medical costs
Pain and suffering
Loss of income and wages (present and future)
Damages to your car or property
Impact of the accident on the victim’s life–More specifically, considerations about disability
The truth is: The complex nature of truck accidents requires the services of lawyers with specific expertise in the field. You need truck accident lawyers like Gould Injury Law. We’re highly accomplished and reputable truck accident attorneys in Hartford, CT.

Our priority is to make sure that you receive what you deserve as quickly as possible. But we’re also mindful of the complexity of each case. Therefore, we probably wouldn’t advise you to take the insurance company’s first offer.

Why? Because the initial offers from insurance companies are usually far less than what you’re entitled to. Just because we want to get your claim settled quickly doesn’t mean that we’ll settle for a payout that’s less than what you should get.

When you come to us, we’ll weigh all the factors, give you a realistic timeframe along with honest legal advice and representation. Let experienced truck accident attorney Robert Gould and his legal team help you today. Call Gould Injury Law at 888-WIN-FAST to schedule a free consultation.

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