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At Gould Injury Law, we’re passionate about giving back to our community. Connecticut is our home and we feel an incredible sense of responsibility to help make our state even better! That’s why we’ve set up the Gould Gives 501c3 non-profit foundation.

The Gould Gives 501c3 non-profit is fully funded by Gould Injury Law. How does it work? We donate a portion of the legal fees collected from each case our firm settles to the Gould Gives 501c3 foundation. These funds are used to help people in our community.

Northeast Rush Soccer Team

Gould Injury Law was an initial sponsor of CT Rush nearly 10 years ago when some soccer leaders reached out to form a high level league. As an initial sponsor, we offset some of the costs associated with starting a new sports league. That first year there were only a handful of athletes who started out with Rush. Those first years were focused in building up skills clinics for young, hungry, players. Today the program has over 400 top tier players spanning various age groups, including young adults. CT Rush is part of a National Rush Soccer program.

“Northeast Rush soccer club just recently created a men’s pro-am team that competes in a league known as the EPSL. It is equivalent to fifth division in the US Soccer professional pyramid. As the team formed we reached out to people who had children playing for our club to see if anyone wanted to sponsor the team— our goal was to make it a zero cost program for the men on the squad, so we needed sponsors to help raise the cash for: practice and game field rentals, ref costs, league membership dues, van rentals, trainer fees on game day, and food for after matches for the players.

In the end Bob generously stepped forward and volunteered to donate to our cause. He is one of two chief donors for our men’s team. Without his support the team would not have had the budget necessary to operate as it currently is.”
– Greg Cumpstone

We Help Our Neighbors When They Need Help Most

This help can take many forms. Sometimes it’s small things, like assisting a family affected by a house fire. They need practical assistance to buy new clothes, and we are happy to help them out in their time of need. We also help the homeless, who need food and shelter.

Recently, we heard of some women who were undergoing expensive cancer treatments. Outstanding medical bills were adding up. So we stepped in and helped to cover these expenses, allowing our dear neighbors to focus on healing.

We also love to team up with local volunteer organizations that are doing amazing things to help our neighbors. When a local diaper bank needed help, we were there to restock their shelves. Sometimes we make anonymous donations to schools and religious institutions that may need a little support.

We Support Small Businesses Hit Hard by the Coronavirus Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world and our needs. Small businesses have been hit particularly hard. The Gould Gives fund is a lifeline to small businesses that face acute needs as a result of the pandemic. We’ve helped some maintain their payroll and keep their businesses from closing.

This brings a positive ripple effect. When small businesses are able to keep their staff employed, families can continue to put food on the table, which is what we are hoping for our neighbors at this time most of all. This pandemic is hard enough on all of us–we don’t want you to face the added pressure of financial worries.

Please Spread the Word

Gould Injury Law is building a rich tradition of giving back to the community that we serve. We see this as an important way of investing in our present and future. We take care of our own because we care about the well-being of our neighbors and the community we share. And it’s a two-way street. Giving enriches our lives and the lives of those who we serve.

People often learn about our foundation by word-of-mouth. We try to help everyone who asks, and sometimes even those who don’t. If you know of a worthy cause that needs financial support, or if you need help yourself, we would love to hear about it.

By setting up the Gould Gives 501c3 foundation, we’re trying our best to build support and unity with our friends and neighbors. Please spread the message that we’re here to help.

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