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Twenty percent of falls cause serious injuries. For example, people may break a bone or hurt their heads. Sadly, falls can even result in death. The medical costs of falls added up to $50 billion in 2015.

These health statistics show that “falls are serious and costly.” If you have fallen recently, you may agree that the bills are racking up fast and you need help fast.

Is your normal routine difficult or impossible with your injury? Have you missed work? Did you slip and fall because of someone else’s negligence? Consider hiring a premises liability attorney if you want compensation.

How can you get fast advice if you live in or had an accident in Hartford, Connecticut? Call 888-WIN-FAST. This toll-free phone number will connect you to Gould Injury Law. Our experienced premises liability lawyers will show you how to file a claim for your accident.

What is a Premises Liability Attorney?

The premises liability lawyers at “The Fast Firm” of Gould Injury Law construct legal cases for our neighbors who have experienced a personal injury on a commercial or private property. Your chances of a fair settlement increase with the help of an experienced, fast-working attorney.

We can let you know which of the current premises liability laws apply to your situation. For example, did your slip-and-fall accident take place at a business? The property owner or manager may be liable.

What is the attorney who sues for the plaintiff called?

The plaintiff is the person who is suing someone in a lawsuit–so you as the victim would be the plaintiff if you decide to go to court. Your plaintiff lawyer is the personal injury lawyer representing you to sue for damages.

How do plaintiff attorneys get paid for slip and fall cases?

Premises liability attorneys only get paid if and when the plaintiff receives their compensation. In other words, if you win your case, we take a percentage of the settlement.

Our law firm covers the costs of the case until it’s settled. If the case is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay us anything.

When to Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Accident claims are most successful when the injured person contacts a law firm fast. If you are injured on someone else’s property, your attorney can find out if the owner is liable and prove it.

When does the law hold the owner accountable for someone else’s medical bills?

Imagine a man walks up the stairway of an office building. He doesn’t realize that the pieces of the steps are missing in some places. He slips and falls.

Or, a woman is shopping for groceries and an aisle wall falls down on her. Though the shelving had been known to be leaning for a while, no one had taken action soon enough.

In either case, the property owners may be guilty of negligence. They should have repaired the defective steps or shelving right away. These dangerous conditions led to property guests being injured on the property.

Property owners are responsible for accidents when they fail to keep their properties safe. If this was the case with your slip-and-fall, then you deserve compensation.

Gould Injury Law in Hartford, CT

In Hartford, CT, Gould Injury Law knows how to use Connecticut’s laws to help residents be compensated fairly and quickly. If you want to know if you have a good premises liability case, contact us now at 888-WIN-FAST. We will help you get what you deserve from negligent property owners as fast as possible.

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