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How do you feel after a ride through the beautiful hills of Hartford, Connecticut? Do you experience good vibes as you ride past the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center or the Mark Twain House? Any motorcycle ride that goes according to plan is great. Unfortunately, an accident can ruin your experience.

You may feel upset and confused if you or someone you love has a motorcycle wreck. The faster you get help, the better. If one of the accident victims has a serious injury, call 911 to get treatment at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center or another Hartford hospital.

If no one seems to need immediate medical attention, contact 888-WIN-FAST right away. The toll-free number will connect you to a motorcycle accident lawyer who can help you.

How a Lawyer Can Help You if You Have a Motorcycle Accident in Hartford

A motorcycle accident attorney can walk you through what information to collect. For example, you should write down or take pictures of driver’s license and plate numbers. Also, note the time the accident occurred and what led up to the accident.

If you have a camera or smartphone, take several pictures of the vehicles. You may want to take closeups of damaged areas from various angles. You can take photos of scrapes, bruises, or other instances of personal injury as well.

When interacting with the other parties, be courteous. Don’t admit fault or answer questions about how the accident happened. Instead, exchange contact information and let them know you’ll be in touch. You can also ask eyewitnesses for contact information and a brief statement of what they saw.

If the police arrive, ask for a copy of the investigative accident report. This document can be beneficial when you file your insurance claim.

Are you wondering if you qualify for a claim from your insurance company or if motorcycle accident attorneys will take your case? Let’s talk about how Gould Injury Law can help you file a claim after a motorcycle accident and help you get compensation fast.

If you don’t have a driver’s license

Law enforcement officers may ask to see your driver’s license when you operate a motorcycle. If you don’t have it with you after a motorcycle or car accident, you could get a citation.

After the first time, you can get charged with a misdemeanor and a 90-day suspension. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may fine you and possibly give you up to 30 days in jail. To get your driving privileges back, you will have to pay a $175 fee to the DMV in Hartford County.

Your lawyer can also explain how an expired or suspended license can affect your insurance claim. If you lost your license or someone stole it, a lawyer can help you explore the possibility of getting the claim dismissed.

If you were speeding at the time of the accident

If a Hartford road is residential, the speed limit usually ranges between 25 to 30 mph. Meanwhile, highways such as the Whitehead Highway that leads to Pulaski Circle may have speed limits of 55 to 65 mph.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) classifies motorcycle accidents as speeding-related if anyone involved gets a speeding ticket in connection with the collision. If police officers charge you with speeding, contact a Gould Injury Law. After weighing all the details, including the speed you were going, our fast-working accident lawyers can let you know what compensation settlement you are due.

If you weren’t wearing a motorcycle helmet

Not every state has the same helmet regulations. In Connecticut, your age and type of vehicle determine if the law requires people to wear motorcycle helmets or not. Knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys can let you know which rules apply to motorcycle accidents.

If you were driving under the influence of alcohol

In general, the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08. Connecticut’s state law sets a much lower threshold for people under 21 years old. If you’re over the designated limit for your age, then you are considered to be “operating under the influence.”

You don’t have to try to figure out the definition of “operating under the influence” (OUI) on your own. During a free consultation with our law firm, you can find out how an OUI may affect your right to compensation. During your free consultation with us, we can discuss the details of your motorcycle accident and how to file your motorcycle accident claim quickly. Call 888-WIN-FAST today!

If you hit a fixed object

Hitting a stationary object, such as a wall or parked car, is more common than you might imagine. The NHTSA compiles statistics on vehicle accidents and has found that motorcyclists have more accidents with fixed objects than any other type of driver.

The details of the motorcycle accident will be fresh in your mind if you call 888-WIN-FAST right away. If you hit an object like a tree, guardrail, or vehicle, collision policies may cover you. Personal liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage.

If weather conditions caused the accident

Accidents caused by floods, hail, or falling objects are non-collision incidents. Comprehensive policies provide coverage if a natural disaster or weather hazard contributed to the damage.

You should take a picture of your motorcycle at the scene. Why? The photographs will help you prove your claim. Then, contact us on our toll-free number as soon as possible. Attorneys can walk you through the process of filing your claim.

If you think mechanical issues caused your motorcycle accident

Many motorcycle accidents result from mechanical failure. For example, faulty tires can cause a motorcyclist to lose balance.

Do you think a technical problem might be to blame for your motorcycle crash? Take your accident case to the experienced motorcycle injury lawyers at Gould Injury Law. Our legal team can advise you on how to get the inspection needed for your insurance injury claim.

If you don’t have insurance on your motorcycle

You are not alone. Millions of US motorists, including experienced motorcycle drivers, don’t have valid health or car insurance policies. If you are uninsured, you may still be entitled to compensation.

There are laws to protect you, but they vary by state. Gould Injury Law firm, located at 610 New Britain Ave in Hartford, has local lawyers who know what laws protect Hartford residents and tourists.

If the person who hit you doesn’t have insurance

Accident law attorneys value comprehensive knowledge of the insurance industry. During a free consultation, your attorney can help you to check whether your policy covers pain and suffering or personal injury.

Uninsured motorist (UM) policies pay for damage or personal injury caused by uninsured drivers. They may also provide for a hit-and-run motorcycle or car accident. Sometimes, medical bills and repairs exceed the maximum payout.

Underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage protects you if the other driver’s insurance doesn’t cover the full costs of personal injury. If this is true in your case, an aggressive lawyer at Gould Injury Law can help you get your compensation more quickly than the insurance company is likely to otherwise.

If you already filed an insurance claim

Motorcycle accident victims suffer from more than physical pain and suffering after an accident. Have lost wages caused you to struggle with bills or vehicle repair costs? Dealing with insurance companies only adds to the strain. Even if your claim is approved, payment for damages may take too long to arrive, or the offer may be less than your serious injuries are worth.

Why watch your medical bills pile up and gather interest while you wait to hear from your insurance? Call 888-WIN-FAST for a free, no-obligation consultation about your motorcycle accident.

One of our experienced motor accident lawyers will review your case details. The goal is to make sure that you recover compensation from insurance companies fast.

If your insurance company denies your claim

When you get denied, you may feel like you are out of options. In Delay, Deny, Defend: Why Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Claims and What You Can Do About It, Jay Feinman explains that most people who try to settle with insurance companies don’t realize when they have been “shortchanged.” If they figure it out, they have no idea that they can do something about it.

Yet, according to Healthcare.gov: “Insurers have to tell you why they’ve denied your claim or ended your coverage. And they have to let you know how you can dispute their decisions.”

Insurers might deny your claim for a variety of reasons, such as a technical error or late filing. Some insurers base denials on things that you can fix. Your accident lawyer can find out what was behind the rejection. He or she will help you put together an official appeal. The results may surprise you.

A 2011 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report showed that insurance company appeals are frequently successful. The data showed that insurance companies pay about 50 percent of appealed claims in Connecticut. Forbes claims, “The more times you reapply, the higher your odds of approval become.”

Would you find it helpful if a lawyer oversaw your paperwork to ensure that everything is in order before you resubmit your claim? A team of motorcycle accident lawyers at Gould Injury Law is ready to help you get what’s rightfully yours fast. Our personal injury law firm can guide you through the process.

Remember–if you get in a motorcycle accident, you may feel lost at first. But you don’t have to handle your claim or lawsuit alone.

Gould Injury Law’s team of lawyers offer to help people injured in a motorcycle incident or representing the family of someone who died due to a motorcycle accident. Getting support for motorcycle accident cases can help claimants to get fairer, faster compensation at trial. Dial 888-WIN-FAST now to talk with an experienced lawyer for a free case review.

When You Need Help–Contact One of Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

When you have the personal injury lawyers at Gould Injury Law on your side, we will help you gather evidence and build a solid foundation for your case. We do not drag out the case; we get you the compensation you deserve quickly.

In order to win your personal injury case, you need an attorney with in-depth knowledge of not only state laws, but also a complete understanding of how insurance companies operate and how the judicial system works. Gould Injury Law has that personal injury law experience.

What’s more, we have the compassion and empathy to understand your needs along with the toughness and backbone to stand up and fight for you–our client.

We take your claim personally. We know that every case is different, but your story is our story, and we want to understand every aspect. We are personally committed to you and helping you win your case.

Don’t settle for a meager insurance settlement when you deserve so much more. Gould Injury Law can help make sure you receive everything due to you and then some.

When you are ready to work with a motorcycle accident attorney and law firm that can get the job done faster than others can, give us a call at 888-WIN-FAST for a free consultation today and get the “fast firm” Gould Injury Law on your side.

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