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People who send elderly loved ones to nursing homes usually do so with the hope that their elderly loved ones will get the care they deserve. Unfortunately, many elderly relatives end up suffering abuse and neglect in these homes. There’s a growing concern about the fast-rising cases of nursing home abuse and neglect.

In fact, reports show that 44 percent of nursing home residents claimed to have experienced abuse. Also, 95 percent of residents stated that they have either been neglected or have witnessed another resident experience nursing home neglect. These statistics are very troubling and should be taken seriously.

Don’t let your elderly relative become a victim of nursing home abuse in Connecticut. Gould Injury Law is an experienced nursing home law firm serving West Hartford that represents victims of nursing home abuse. Let us help you get fast and swift justice along with adequate compensation for your loved one’s pain and suffering.

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What is Nursing Home Abuse in West Hartford, CT?

Nursing home abuse is the act of inflicting physical, emotional, psychological, and financial harm on senior citizens residing in nursing homes. Such abuses are usually inflicted on the Connecticut nursing home resident by caregivers and other staff.

These harmful actions carried out by the very people who should protect your loved one can be truly heartbreaking. Nursing home staff are required to treat every nursing home resident with the utmost professional care. Sadly, though, not all nursing home professionals do their jobs well. 

Every year, about 4 million senior citizens endure or suffer from some sort of abuse or neglect. With time, the number is bound to increase. This is why many states, including Connecticut, have put protective measures in place for senior citizens in nursing homes.

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused by his or her caregivers, come talk to a highly qualified attorney at Gould Injury Law. Our fast-working Connecticut nursing home abuse lawyers are highly skilled at helping you and your loved ones seek compensation for any personal injury sustained in the care facility. 

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Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Connecticut

If you want justice for your relative, you need to understand the various types of abuse in Connecticut nursing homes. This understanding will make the process of seeking justice and compensation easier and straightforward. 

The following are some common categories of nursing home abuse in Connecticut:

  • Physical abuse – This includes the use of physical force or objects to hurt your loved one. Examples include striking, hitting, pushing, beating, shoving, pulling, slapping, kicking, shaking, and force-feeding the person.
  • Psychological or emotional abuse – This includes the use of verbal and/or non-verbal actions to inflict distress, anguish, fear, and pain on your loved one. Examples include treating the person like a child or threatening, insulting, harassing, isolating, and humiliating the elderly resident.
  • Abandonment – This is a process involving the abandonment of an elderly loved one by professional caregivers charged with taking care of your loved one. An example of abandonment is leaving the elderly citizen behind at the mall or elsewhere in public when the group goes out for a supervised ride.
  • Sexual abuse – This is non-consensual sexual contact with the resident. Sexual abuse can be carried out by the staff of the nursing home facility or other residents. Examples include groping, forced nudity, unwanted touching, sodomy, and rape.
  • Nursing home neglect – This is the intentional or unintentional act of failing to take proper care of the loved one. It could also be self-neglect by the elderly person when he or she is not being properly monitored, or neglect on the part of nursing home employees and caregivers. Examples of actions involving nursing home neglect include failing to give meds on time, starvation, and failing to bathe when necessary.
  • Financial exploitation – This is the intentional misuse of an elderly resident’s financial resources and assets. Examples include nursing staff using your loved one’s credit or debit cards without permission, forging his or her signature, and deceiving or forcing your loved one to sign over various assets.

When you contact a Connecticut nursing home abuse attorney on our team at Gould Injury Law, one of the first questions our personal injury lawyer will ask you is: “What type of abuse do you suspect your loved one has been a victim of in this Connecticut nursing home?”

Your answer will help our experienced elderly abuse lawyers build a solid case and improve the odds of a fast and satisfactory outcome. If you want to know more about the possible charges you can bring against the erring nursing facility, get in touch with our highly-skilled nursing home abuse lawyers today.

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How Can You Tell If Your Loved One is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse?

The easiest way to tell what kind of abuse your elderly loved one has suffered in the nursing facility is by looking for signs. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to spot nursing home abuse if you don’t know what to look for. This is why, for every single reported case of nursing home abuse, there are another 23 undetected cases.

With the government and the law cracking down on offenders, many nursing home abusers have adapted and learned how to hurt senior citizens without any obvious signs of injury. Even so, there are ways to spot signs of elderly abuse in any nursing facility.

Some of the signs to look for include:

  • Bruises, fractures, welts, cuts, sprains, dislocations, rope marks on arms and legs, and black eyes
  • Genital infections, bruises around the genitalia, bleeding from the genitals, and torn or bloody clothes
  • Bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, unexplained weight loss, worsened health conditions, and an unhygienic living space
  • Sudden mood swings; increased agitation; emotional withdrawal; a lack of engagement with you or other loved ones; and unusual actions like rocking, biting, or sucking
  • The unwillingness of the caregiver to leave your elderly relative alone with you
  • Signs of fearfulness or the lack of eye contact with you, particularly when a particular caregiver is around
  • Unexplained debit or credit charges and transactions, the sudden addition of an unrecognized name to your loved one’s bank card or account, unauthorized withdrawals from your loved one’s account, or missing valuables
  • Sudden changes and alteration to your loved one’s will, or an unusual transfer of assets to other people
  • The facility preventing you from seeing your loved one when the injuries are severe and/or obvious

These are some of the more common signs of abuse in Connecticut’s nursing homes. A practiced eye might detect even more. Whatever the case, you need to move fast as these injuries can cost your elderly relative their life. Although you may be able to file a wrongful death claim if your elderly relative dies from the injuries, the reality is a wrongful death suit won’t bring back your elderly relative.

Why Hire a Reputable Connecticut Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

Unfortunately, some of these signs share strong similarities with certain health conditions. This is why you need to contact a reputable elderly abuse law firm to help you figure it out. Our law firm will deploy the necessary resources to prove your case and ensure that your loved one gets compensation and justice very quickly.

Once there’s proof of abuse, we’ll file a complaint with the necessary agencies on your behalf. This is imperative because of the 2-year statute of limitations in Connecticut. We’ll then seek fast recompense for you and your loved one.

Don’t ignore your instincts. If you suspect that your loved one is being abused but have no proof, come talk to us today. Many times, people’s instincts about their loved ones being maltreated are correct – even when they lack evidence. It’s always better to move fast and be wrong than to delay and find out that you were right all along.

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