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It is common to feel nervous when a large commercial truck speeds by us on the road. We know that an accident with a large truck can be disastrous. After a collision with a truck, you will need help from a law firm that completely understands truck accidents.

The truck accident lawyers at Gould Injury Law know how to protect your rights. We can aid you in getting financial compensation fast. A truck accident attorney from our law firm will research the facts of your case and use these facts along with the law to get you maximum compensation as fast as possible.

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Causes of Truck Accidents in West Hartford

Negligence is often the cause of automobile accidents in Connecticut. This is also true of accidents involving commercial trucks. A truck accident attorney from the law office of Gould Injury Law can determine who is at fault. Our accident lawyers will also make the negligence clear in legal terms.

Among the most common reasons for truck accidents are the following: 

  • The truck driver performing an unsafe or illegal action while driving can cause an accident. This can also involve a driver failing to perform necessary safe actions. These types of actions or inactions frequently occur when a driver is hurrying to maintain a schedule.
  • Speeding can easily contribute to a truck accident. Commercial trucks need enough time to slow and stop. When truck drivers drive too fast, an accident can result. This is even more likely during bad weather in Hartford. Ice, snow, and rain can interfere with safe driving. 
  • Distracted driving is regularly the cause of many accidents. Drivers can become involved with their radios, speaking on the phone, or talking with passengers. Texting, reading, or writing an email all constitute distracted driving and can contribute to an accident. It is not always easy to determine if a driver was distracted at the time of the incident, but truck accident lawyers know how to interpret the facts to prove your case.
  • Lack of sleep on the part of the truck driver can result in an accident. The truck driver could become fatigued, drowsy, and fall asleep at the wheel. If severely fatigued, he or she may incorrectly react or respond too slowly to a situation.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is especially dangerous and can easily lead to a truck accident.
  • Truckload cargo shifts and spills can trigger an accident. When cargo is not adequately secured, it could move during transportation and cause the truck to roll over or jackknife. The cargo could even become loose and spill onto the road hitting other vehicles. The spilled cargo could also cause nearby cars to collide or crash as they try to avoid the roadway obstruction.

These are not all the possible reasons for a truck accident in West Hartford, Connecticut. To know for sure if your accident is the result of negligence, please consult with a personal injury attorney from the Gould Injury Law legal team.

Types of Compensation You Can Receive

An attorney at Gould Injury Law, serving both West and East Hartford, can help you legally establish who is at fault in your truck accident injury case. Once liability is established, our lawyers will address the issue of compensation. 

Among the many damages that a Gould Injury Law truck accident lawyer can help you receive compensation for include the following:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Hospital bills
  • Treatment from specialists
  • Necessary medication and medical devices
  • Lost income
  • Lost future wages
  • Long-term disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Wrongful death damages
  • Punitive damages

The truck accident lawyers of Gould Injury Law serving the Hartford, Connecticut, area can help you receive restitution for the injuries mentioned above. We have a thorough understanding of car accidents and truck accidents to help you receive maximum compensation.

Truck Accident Lawyers Serving West Hartford, CT

In an accident with a large truck in West Hartford, Connecticut, a regular-sized motor vehicle usually receives the worst part of the impact. Consequently, the injuries you and your passengers receive may affect you for a very long time. Yet, you don’t have to be left alone in dealing with this disastrous event. Let our Hartford attorneys, who are knowledgeable in many personal injury practice areas, help you.

Our Gould Injury Law personal injury attorneys serving West Hartford, CT, know how to help you. We can help you come out on the other side of this difficult experience with the compensation you deserve. Our law firm will work fast and fiercely to get you the restitution you need. Our accident lawyers will get you on the path to a full financial recovery.

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