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It’s difficult to imagine a more challenging situation to endure. The death of a loved one can send you through a wide range of emotions, and the healing process is unique to you. Gould Injury Law wants to help you start on your path to recovery as fast as possible.

Pain from the loss of a loved one is compounded exponentially when he or she has suffered a wrongful death. It’s at times like these that you cherish close friends who take time to hear you out and empathize with your pain.

Granted, when people think of a wrongful death lawyer, it’s unlikely that they think of those same compassionate qualities. But at Gould Injury Law, we’re actively trying to change those perceptions. Our personal injury law firm has been helping Waterbury, CT, residents successfully navigate complex wrongful death laws since 2012. We work fast to defend your rights and maximize your compensation.

Legal counsel may be the last thing on your mind when a loved one passes. However, if your family member was the victim of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, teaming up with injury lawyers who you can trust and who have your best interests at heart can help your family get closure and cover serious financial losses.

The attorneys at Gould Injury Law work fast to prosecute the guilty party and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. We will work tirelessly for you. We want to build the strongest case possible and obtain maximum compensation for you and your family. 

Call Gould Injury Law today at 888-WIN-FAST to find out why our team is a perfect fit for your needs. There is no cost for your initial meeting with a lawyer, even if you decide not to work with us. And if you do hire us, we never charge for our services unless you win compensation.

Why Bother Filing a Wrongful Death Suit in Connecticut?

A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed when a family member dies as a result of someone else’s negligent, reckless, or deliberate behavior. This may have taken the form of a car accident, medical malpractice, mistreatment, defective or dangerous products, or any number of other causes where someone’s carelessness resulted in death. 

For example, a successful wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Waterbury, CT, in February 2020, where hospital staff were judged to be negligent of their duties leading to the death of a patient.

Although a wrongful death suit takes time and can be emotionally taxing, there are important reasons to consider filing one as soon as possible. 

One of the main reasons that a family may file these kinds of lawsuits is to collect monetary damages for their loved one’s death. Why might this be important?

At times, families need funds to cover medical bills and funeral costs. Lost wages due to injury and sickness leading up to the untimely death may mean that expenses have added up and left your family in financial trouble. Stress over unpaid bills is the last thing you need. Compensation from a wrongful death suit can help mitigate these costs and allow your family to focus energy on the healing process.

Another important reason to file a wrongful death suit is that the process can help bring your family needed emotional closure from your unexpected loss. Many people have found that knowing the guilty party will be held responsible can bring comfort after such a traumatic experience. You too can rest easy, confident in the fact that you did everything within your power to see that justice was served.

Filing a successful lawsuit and collecting damages can have a powerful impact on the guilty party. If a particular practice is proved to be dangerous or even deadly, a wrongful death suit can be the needed catalyst of change. Get relief from knowing that you played a part in preventing other families from experiencing the same loss that you suffered.

We, the injury lawyers at Gould Injury Law, will do our best to reduce the emotional toll that a wrongful death lawsuit can take. We will do our utmost to ensure that your family is satisfied with the outcome, confident that justice was served.

Do You Have a Case?

An important question, this one. If you decide to seek justice for a loved one’s wrongful death, you have the responsibility of proving that another party’s negligent or reckless actions brought about this sad result. You also have the obligation of proving that measurable damages were incurred in connection to the death. This can admittedly be challenging.

Please be assured that you are not alone. The team at Gould Injury Law has decades of experience in helping Waterbury clients like you build rock-solid cases in a wide variety of practice areas. Personal injury law is complex and can be overwhelming for those not well-versed in it. Take some of the weight off by letting our personal injury lawyers help you navigate the waters.

During your initial free consultation, our team of lawyers located in “The Brass City,” Waterbury, CT, will listen to your case, learning how this tragedy has affected you and yours. Then we will ask questions to gain insights as to whether there are grounds for your wrongful death lawsuit. Your time and emotional energy are finite assets, and the Gould Injury Law team will not take these for granted.

If you want fast results, call Gould Injury Law today at 888-WIN-FAST for a free consultation. Find out how our Waterbury team can help you get the justice you deserve.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Waterbury, CT

The Connecticut wrongful death statute states that only executors or administrators of the deceased person’s estate can file wrongful death lawsuits. What if your deceased family member didn’t appoint an executor or administrator? In these cases, a court will appoint someone to serve as the administrator.

Connecticut also places limitations on the amount of time that can pass between the death of a loved one and when a suit can be filed. You are required to file a suit of this nature within 2 years. This means that it’s in your best interest to get professional advice from a lawyer quickly.

Contact the Gould Injury Law firm today to ensure that you don’t miss out on the right to receive compensation and hold the guilty party responsible.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Expect in CT?

Surviving family members who can successfully establish that someone’s negligence or recklessness resulted in death can collect damages for a number of losses. 

Consider just a few costs that you may be able to recover:

  • Medical bills incurred prior to the death
  • Lost wages that the deceased would have earned, both present and future
  • Pain and suffering endured by surviving family members
  • Burial expenses
  • Punitive damages collected from the negligent party, collected with the intention of discouraging future reckless behavior

While the above list is not limited, you can see how recovering these types of expenses may be very important for you and your family. Look at some of our recent case results to get a feel for the kind of compensation you could recover.

There are also state-specific laws to be mindful of. For example, under Connecticut General Statutes, your state allows for double or triple damages to be awarded in wrongful death cases involving deliberate traffic law violations. Yet, these damages are only collected when a plaintiff specifically pleas that the driver acted deliberately.

It is absolutely vital that you work with a law firm that understands the laws of Connecticut and, more specifically, Waterbury, CT. The devil is in the details, and that is perhaps never truer than when it comes to personal injury law. Call Gould Injury Law in Waterbury, CT, at 888-WIN-FAST sooner rather than later to make sure that you’re not missing any essential steps.

Why Should You Team Up With Gould Injury Law?

If you find yourself in need of personal injury lawyers, we feel for you. Our firm has worked with your Waterbury, CT, neighbors for years, helping them navigate the various challenges that the legal system presents. We love our city and the people that live here. And our team would love the opportunity to help your family too.

During your free initial consultation, you will get a chance to meet the members of our legal team. We hope to earn your trust as you see how our team functions to prioritize your concerns. 

When you are ready to talk, we will listen patiently to learn what the death of your loved one meant to you and the outcome you would like to see for your case. Then our lawyers will work tirelessly to get you there – defending your rights and maximizing the compensation you collect.

Do you want justice for the loss of your loved one? Do you want it fast? Call Gould Injury Law today at 888-WIN-FAST for a free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer!

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