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You have worked hard to care for the financial needs of yourself and your family. How will you care for them if you have suffered an injury or illness while working? If you are sick or injured, who will pay for your medical expenses? And how can you get fast help to pay for your family’s necessities? 

Thankfully, in Connecticut, there are workers’ compensation benefits available to you. Workers’ comp benefits can help you and your family through this difficult time.

How do you know if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits and won’t be denied? Our workers’ compensation lawyers at Gould Injury Law help injured workers. We understand personal injury cases and workers’ comp laws thoroughly. Our law firm will work fast and aggressively to get you the legal advice and help you need with your workers’ compensation claim.

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Compensation You Can Receive for Your Workplace Injury

There is a crucial step to protect yourself and get the full workers’ compensation benefits you need: Contact an attorney right away. The procedure to receive workers’ comp can seem like a long, uphill trek. One small error could result in the denial of your claim. An attorney knows how to ensure that your claim isn’t denied.

With an attorney assisting you, the likelihood of receiving fair compensation is much greater than if you try to fight the insurance companies alone. 

A personal injury lawyer can help you receive the Connecticut workers’ comp benefits you deserve including the following.

Lost wages

The amount you can receive in cash payments to replace your lost income depends on the severity of your injuries and the degree to which your injuries have disabled you. A healthcare provider will examine you to determine the degree to which you are disabled and unable to work. 

Unfortunately, the amount you receive likely will not add up to what you made on the job. You can receive two-thirds of your prior wages in cash payments from workers’ compensation benefits.

Medical expenses 

These include doctor and hospital bills as well as future and continued medical costs. The laws of Connecticut make it clear that you must receive medical cost reimbursement if you were injured at work.

Lump-sum benefits

Once it is determined that injury will not improve any further, your employer can stop paying you disability. Your employer may offer you a settlement payment to compensate you for lost work or diminished work in the future.

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If Your Employer Contests Your Claim

Sometimes, employers dispute Bridgeport workers’ compensation claims. They may say that you were not injured at work. Or they may disagree with the effect that your work tasks had on your health condition.  

If that happens, contact a workers’ compensation attorney who knows how to navigate the system with speed and accuracy. You will need to prove that your injury or illness is work-related. 

The State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission reviews workers’ contested claims in informal hearings. At your hearing, you will need to produce evidence, such as medical reports and witness testimony. However, you also will have the right to professional legal counsel. So why not take advantage of our lawyers’ extensive knowledge and experience with personal injury law? That’s how you can build a strong case to ensure success.

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