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The death of a beloved family member is always awful. And when that person’s death was caused by someone’s negligence or carelessness, the effects can be even more devastating. Unfortunately, many have to deal with the reality of losing their loved ones to others’ carelessness every year.

Every day, people are killed by other people’s negligence, and the surviving relatives are often at a loss as to what to do. If you have lost a loved one due to someone’s carelessness, you may be able to sue the culprit on the grounds of wrongful death and get compensated fast.

To be clear, no amount of money can replace your love done. But the maximum compensation amount can provide a sense of justice. It can also ensure that the deceased’s loved ones are taken care of financially. To get your compensation, you need the services of skilled wrongful death attorneys in the greater area of Hartford, Connecticut.

Gould Injury Law is a highly proficient wrongful death law firm serving Bristol, CT, and surrounding areas like New Britain and West Hartford, CT. Every lawyer on our team is trained to handle your case and is committed to getting you the highest payout as fast as possible.

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Can a Family Sue for Wrongful Death in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut Area?

According to Connecticut’s wrongful death statute, only an appointed representative, estate executor or administrator can bring a wrongful death charge against the at-fault party.

This executor or representative is usually a third party. So unless a family member is appointed as the deceased’s representative or estate executor, surviving relatives and family members can’t bring a claim.

Whoever files a wrongful death claim in Connecticut must have the required legal authority. The representative must also file the claim within 2 years of death.

However, Connecticut has some exceptions to this rule in the form of a 5-year statute of limitations starting from the date of the accident. For example, if the deceased individual didn’t immediately die from the personal injuries caused by the negligent party’s actions, or the negligence wasn’t known right away, then the victim’s representative can bring a wrongful death lawsuit within 5 years.

We understand that dealing with the death of a loved one can have a catastrophic impact on families. In fact, grief can be so powerful that it cripples family members’ abilities to move fast in seeking compensation. Many families have lost the opportunity to file a wrongful death claim because, in their grief, they missed the statute of limitations window. Don’t let this happen to you. It’s important to speak to an experienced lawyer after losing a loved one sooner rather than later.

The process of filing these claims isn’t easy either. Filing a wrongful death suit in Bristol, West Hartford, and surrounding areas in Connecticut can be quite complicated. This is why you need to talk to Gould Injury Law about your options first. Our experience in handling wrongful death cases makes us the logical go-to option for your case.

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What are the Grounds for a Wrongful Death Case in Bristol, Connecticut and the Greater Hartford Area?

In Connecticut, you may be able to set a wrongful death lawsuit in motion if a loved one’s death was caused by the negligence or the careless acts of an individual, organization, or government.

The easiest way to determine if you have grounds for filing a wrongful death claim is to consider if the deceased would have filed a personal injury lawsuit if he or she were still alive. If so, you can pursue a claim to cover the following:

  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering brought on by the personal injury that your loved one sustained
  • Loss of protection and guidance
  • Punitive damages
  • Medical costs accrued during injury treatment
  • Loss of consortium–Also known as loss of companionship and affection
  • Loss of enjoyment of life activities
  • Funeral costs

Some personal injury law firms file claims for only a few of these terms. This is a big mistake. If you want the charges to stick and get the fast compensation you deserve, your lawsuit should incorporate as many of these elements as possible.

Contact a Competent CT Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Bristol and the Greater Hartford Area

Each wrongful death case in Connecticut is unique and requires the guidance of personal injury law professionals. You need an experienced lawyer who can simplify the often complex nature of these cases. This is what the team at Gould Injury Law does.

The success of each case is based on our ability to prove some or all of the following elements:

  • The deceased’s death was caused by the actions or inactions of the accused
  • The accused’s actions were negligent, careless, and perhaps intentional
  • The deceased individual had relatives and dependants who are affected by his or her death
  • There were financial costs and damages incurred in connection with the death

We’ll work very fast to prove that these elements are present. We’ll also provide legal advice and ensure that your interests are properly served. Gould Injury Law is particularly experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

The average insurance adjuster is only interested in underpaying dependants. He or she will come under the guise of compassion and sympathy, making it seem like you’re being done a favor. Don’t fall for it. For the insurance company, the goal is to cut payouts or even avoid paying you anything.

For us at Gould Injury Law, our focus is on fighting for you and ensuring that you get the most amount possible very quickly. We’re dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome as fast as possible. If this sounds like what you need, please contact us today.

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