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Bristol is one of the busiest cities in Connecticut, with more than 30,000 people employed across entertainment, manufacturing, retail, health care, and administration industries. Thus, a wide range of personal injuries can happen here. With ongoing construction, traffic can get congested and lead to safety issues that result in personal injury. Or a slip-and-fall on personal or private property can lead to a premises liability claim.

Unfortunately, anything could happen to you or someone you love in this city of 60,000 people. Personal injury accidents are on the rise in both Bristol, Connecticut, and neighboring cities like New Britain and Hartford. No matter what sort of case you have, though, our attorneys at Gould Injury Law will work fast to get you the financial compensation you need.

If you were injured in an accident thanks to someone else, you need Gould Injury Law to handle your personal injury claim for a fast settlement. Our legal team serving Bristol, CT, offers you a free consultation on various aspects of personal injury law to give you legal advice to protect your rights.

Our personal injury lawyers are happily serving Bristol in the following legal areas:

Don’t wait until you miss the statute of limitations and it’s too late! Call 888-WIN-FAST to meet an aggressive yet understanding law firm that promises to work fast on your case.

Were You Injured in a Workplace Accident?

It is not uncommon to get a nasty cut while working with machinery or to fall on slippery floors at work. Many times these types of accidents are the fault of your employer who was negligent to prevent injury.

It can often be hard to determine fault in a workplace accident, but we know how to get you justice. Gould Injury Law is one of the few law firms that fight hard and fast for your rights when you have been injured.

When you are represented by Gould Injury Law, you will have an experienced injury attorney to investigate and work your case. Workers’ compensation claims are one of the toughest types of cases in Bristol, Connecticut, because of the law’s intricacy and the urgency to submit a claim to the Workers’ Compensation Committee. This is why, as your personal injury attorney, we have to act fast.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Accidents in Bristol, CT

A personal injury accident can cost you a lot in medical bills, lost wages, undue stress, pain, and suffering–not to mention the time it takes to get your life back to normal. You may also have exhaustive vehicle repairs to pay for.

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and suffered a personal injury, you must contact a lawyer to represent you and present information that is crucial to your specific case.

Even as a pedestrian, you should be aware of your rights. Talk to a lawyer to see how you can be compensated for your personal injury in CT. We all have the same right to enjoy shared roadways. Trucks, cars, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are all subject to obey traffic laws so that everyone can enjoy safe travel. However, this is not always the case.

While everyone should be safe and obey all traffic laws, some do not. Many of our clients sustained personal injuries in collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. Most of the time, these injuries are severe and can be deadly.

Call 888-WIN-FAST for a free consultation with a CT attorney at Gould Injury Law. If you have been the victim in a pedestrian accident or vehicle collision, our injury lawyers can give you the legal help you need. We have served the Bristol, CT, area since 2012 and established trusted relationships with our clients.

Are you Suffering from a Slip-and-Fall on Private Property in Bristol, CT?

Snow and ice usually cover pavement and can be easily tracked into public spaces in and around Bristol, CT. The same applies to New Britain and Hartford during the winter months. When businesses do not keep their walking paths free of snow and other debris, passersby can easily slip and fall. When you suffer a slip-and-fall accident in a public place, who should pay for your personal injury medical bills? Negligence and fault must be determined.

At Gould Injury Law, you work with your own personal injury attorney to initiate legal actions against store and property owners. We help you through the legal process of personal injury law to determine who is at fault.

It is our aim to get you compensation for all medical bills and loss of income that relates to the slip-and-fall accident. Our clients do not pay upfront fees. We are not paid until you receive your settlement.

There are statutes of limitations in Connecticut for all personal injury claims. Don’t lose precious time. Instead, call 888-WIN-FAST to reach a law firm that works fast to get you the settlement you deserve. Talk to an attorney today to schedule your free consultation.

Personal Injuries from Dog Attacks

Whether you are a delivery driver, mail carrier, or just the average person walking down the road or entering private property, dog bites and attacks can happen any day. Usually, regardless of the reason for the dog bite of an innocent person, the owner of the dog is responsible.

Any type of injury inflicted by a dog must be documented and diagnosed quickly to provide enough evidence for insurance companies to award compensation. If you have an injury from a dog bite or attack, you need fast representation. Do not delay–contact our office to talk to an attorney serving your local area. Call 888-WIN-FAST today.

Bristol, CT Medical Malpractice

New medical practices and offices in Bristol and New Britain seem to be increasing. As health issues and medical procedures emerge, the number of malpractice cases also keeps rising.

Medical malpractice isn’t always intentional. Many times it is at the hands of an overworked, tired, or less-trained medical worker who makes a mistake. Then there are other times when medical negligence happens at the hands of a caregiver.

Your attorney at Gould Injury Law will investigate your medical malpractice claim to determine if negligence played a role. We will help file the proper paperwork with the court, insurance companies, and opposing legal teams. If you can’t meet with an attorney in person, we will come to you. If you are ready for a fast and aggressive team–choose us.

Many times, cases of negligence and malpractice are settled without going to court. Either way, we work fast in favor of your best interests. We are prepared to fight and take your case to court if need be to get you the compensation you deserve.

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