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We know that life-changing events can happen suddenly or may even develop gradually over time. A work-related accident or repetitive injury can unexpectedly alter your life in many ways. The physical pain and financial hardship that your injury has caused can also result in a lot of stress. Where can you get help?

Our lawyers at Gould Injury Law serving Bristol, Connecticut, understand what you are going through. We will use our knowledge of personal injury law to help you get your life back. Our law firm will give you the legal advice and help you need—and fast.

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How Can a Bristol Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help You

A key step in protecting yourself and getting the full workers’ compensation benefits you need is to contact an attorney right away. The process of receiving workers’ comp benefits can be long and complicated.

Just one mistake can result in the denial of your claim. An experienced attorney, though, can make sure your claim won’t be denied.

Having an attorney will help you get greater compensation than you could have received alone. A personal injury lawyer can help you to receive the Connecticut workers’ comp benefits you deserve such as:

  • Lost wages – After an injury, you can receive two-thirds of the normal amount of your wages from workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Medical expenses – The law in Connecticut makes it clear that you must receive medical cost reimbursement if you were injured at work.
  • Lump-sum – When it is determined that your injury will not improve any further, your employer can stop paying you disability payments. Your employer may offer you a large settlement payment to compensate you for lost work or diminished work in the future.

Don’t delay in accepting the assistance of an attorney. For a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer serving Bristol, Connecticut, call Gould Injury Law today.

Why You Need an Attorney

Your employer may not want you to follow the directions given to you by your doctor. He or she may resist limiting your workload or else pressure you to do work that is dangerous for you because of your injury. An employer might even fire you for obeying your doctor.

These actions by an employer are illegal. If this has been your experience, you will need the help of an experienced and aggressive attorney to make your case.

Employers and insurance companies often try to offer as little as possible and undercut benefits. Unfortunately, your health and financial interests are not their top priority. That’s why you need an insistent and determined lawyer to fight for you.

Having the right legal team on your side will ensure that you get treated fairly by your employer and your employer’s insurance company. Your attorney will not allow them to take advantage of you.

A Gould Injury Law attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Each member of our legal team is equally ready to aggressively pursue a more reasonable compensation amount based on your injuries. Hiring an attorney who will represent your interests puts you in the best position to receive the full compensation that you deserve.

A Gould Injury Law Attorney Can Get You Fast Results

After an injury, you face financial stress, emotional pain, and mental distress. This is a lot to cope with on your own, but you don’t have to. We know that you want to recover quickly. We can help you to do just that.

When you need a Connecticut workers’ compensation attorney, you need Gould Injury Law. Our law firm will work fast and aggressively to get you the legal compensation you are entitled to. With our energy and experience on your side, we can move your personal injury case in the direction you want it to go.

Our law firm is dedicated to getting our clients fast and satisfying results. Call our workers’ compensation lawyers in Bristol, CT, at 888-WIN-FAST. Or fill out the online form for a free consultation.

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