Being in a car crash is stressful and can be time-consuming. Reaching your destination may be significantly delayed because of the accident. But, even in the case that the vehicles are drivable after the accident and there is only minor property damage, your time will not be wasted when you take time to ensure a car crash report is filed.

Why can’t a driver ignore the steps of making a car crash report? The State of Connecticut requires that a car accident be reported to the police. It is best to file this report as quickly as possible. In the case that the accident resulted in damages of more than $1,000, the car crash report must be filed no later than 5 days after the accident.

Being sure to file a car crash report can even help you in obtaining fair compensation for damages. The compassionate attorneys at Gould Injury Law can help you to recover financially as fast as possible.

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What You Should Know When Filing a Car Crash Report in Connecticut?

What is involved in preparing and submitting an accurate, legally acceptable car accident report?

Connecticut Motor Vehicles Law requires that all vehicular accidents be filed in a car accident report, which is a legal document that gives information related to the crash. The specific form used for this is Form PR-1.

The information contained in the crash report can be used later if legal action is required due to resulting damages or injuries. Additionally, insurance companies will likely make use of this report.

The following information is contained in the report:

  • Location of the accident
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Statements of witnesses to the accident
  • Contact information for witnesses
  • Accident diagram to show the movement of vehicles, the position of pedestrians, and other pertinent objects and directions
  • Description of the conditions at the location of the accident, such as weather, lighting, and the road
  • Assessment and opinion from the investigating police officer indicating his or her evaluation of who is the at-fault party

In addition to the above, the personal details of the drivers and pedestrians directly involved in the accident are provided in this form. This information will include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license information
  • Plate number (State of the license, license number)
  • Insurance company of all the drivers involved

Officially filing a report is a crucial step under Connecticut law. What’s more, having the details of the accident documented can aid in ensuring that all involved parties receive proper legal attention.

What Details Are Included in the Car Accident Report Form PR-1?

As mentioned, the crash report form covers details such as the crash severity, crash factors and conditions, a diagram and narrative, as well as driver actions and conditions. Let us examine a few points from Form PR-1 in closer detail. These details can significantly affect the legal process after the crash.

Crash severity

The police officer at the scene can identify the severity of the crash using one of three options: “Fatal,” “Injury,” and “PDO.” In the case of option “PDO,” this means that only property was damaged (Property Damage Only).

The selection of “PDO” indicates that the police officer deems that no one was injured in the car crash. If you disagree with this evaluation, it is best to get in contact with the attorneys at Gould Injury Law. We can act fast to resolve the incorrect selection.

Crash factors and conditions

This portion of the form is used to categorize details and conditions that are relative to the crash. These contributing factors include:

  • Manner of impact (for example, a “sideswipe” or “front to rear”)
  • The specific location of the accident (such as an intersection or on a bridge)
  • Weather conditions
  • Road conditions
  • Whether the crash occurred in a work zone

Accident Diagram

The accident diagram allows an image of the accident to be presented. The location of all persons, cars, and objects can be indicated and seen in this diagram. A visual representation can go a long way in creating an accurate understanding of what transpired in the crash.

Conversely, if the diagram is not drawn accurately, it could significantly and negatively affect your legal ability to obtain fair compensation. If you think that a police officer has misrepresented the details of your crash in the diagram, please contact us at Gould Injury Law. Getting this issue corrected in a fast manner is our priority.

Accident Narrative

The accident narrative is an explanation and description of the crash using words. This portion of the form can have quite the effect. The exact wording used in the accident narrative can influence whether a claim is denied or approved by an insurance company.

If you disagree with the word choice and summary of a police officer who prepares this portion, contact Gould Injury Law. We can work fast to fix the discrepancies. This part of the form is too important to be anything less than precisely accurate.

Driver Actions and Conditions

The options presented in this section of the form are very important. Correctly determining the factors which caused the crash can be key to accurately placing fault and liability.

Some of the choices on the form include whether the driver who caused the accident was:

  • Going faster than the speed limit
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Following too closely
  • Distracted by an electronic device

Make Sure to Verify the Crash Report Information

Before concluding and submitting the car crash report, it is important to verify that all the information is accurate. Be sure to take a few moments to review the information, including details that may seem basic such as your name, driver’s license number, and address.

Keep in mind that even slight inconsistencies in the report can impede a fast process of establishing guilt and receiving compensation. Further, it can be a headache if problems arise when filing due to minor errors or miscommunications in the car crash report.

It is best to take a little extra time to review the form for accuracy before filing. In this way, you can avoid needless problems later.

Steps That Can Help You in Preparing a Car Crash Report

You can take actions or steps following a car crash that can help you prepare your car crash report. The first action you should take is to stop. Don’t leave the scene of the accident even if the damage to your vehicle is minor and you have no injuries.

The State of Connecticut will suspend your driver’s license if you flee the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

Here are some important steps you can immediately take:

  1. Evaluate the scene
  2. Assess possible dangers (such as fires)
  3. Offer help to other persons involved in the crash
  4. Call for medical help
  5. Call the police
  6. Obtain the contact information of all persons involved in the accident
  7. Take photos of the crash, including the cars, surroundings, and any injuries
  8. Contact a car accident lawyer

Accomplishing the above steps without delay can aid you in preparing an accurate car crash report. Of course, it is important to remember that, in the State of Connecticut, it is mandatory to report most collisions to the police. Doing so promptly and cooperating with their investigation can also aid you in filing a legal claim later on.

How a Car Accident Report Can Benefit Your Legal Interest?

Following an accident, your injuries may require medical attention, which can be costly. Additionally, the property damage you sustain may be expensive to repair or replace. Unfortunately, obtaining the restitution you require may not come without a fight.

Guilty parties and insurance companies can be slow to admit guilt, if not completely evasive. At times, they may even attempt to put the blame on you. Consequently, a court battle or combative negotiations with an insurance company can occur.

In the State of Connecticut, car crash reports can serve a useful purpose in a legal conflict determining who is at fault. A car crash report can also be used in discussions with insurance companies.

If you need assistance with either an obstinate insurance company, proving negligence, or a guilty party who is attempting to escape blame, please speak with an attorney at Gould Injury Law. We know how to use car crash reports to get justice fast for our clients.

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