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Have you been injured recently in Connecticut as a direct result of negligence or the criminal actions of an individual or company?

Have you lost wages and missed out on personal quality time with your family? If your answer is yes, then you need fast results from Gould Injury Law’s personal injury attorneys.

Our Connecticut personal injury lawyers have the expertise to give you the legal counsel you need to get back to living your life. Gould Injury Law works faster than most firms because we know that time is not on your side.

You can win fast with our personal injury law firm! Your injuries and medical bills do not wait to inundate you, so neither should you wait any longer than necessary for your compensation. Call 888-WIN-FAST today to schedule your initial free consultation.

When Results and Time Matter, Gould Injury Law Gives You What You Need for Success – FAST

Our Connecticut personal injury lawyers know that the aftermath of a severe injury is a crucial and stressful time for you. We want to help you with your personal decisions regarding legal action since each choice could have significant, long-term implications.

We have experience representing personal injury victims and will fight to protect your rights and interests. We emphasize accessibility, ensuring that you have someone you can trust and an advocate who can provide answers to your questions. You need a lawyer that listens, and our legal team listens well.

We know that you and your specific personal injury is unique. And we treat each case individually without a cookie-cutter approach. Our goal is to get you and your family on the road to recovery as fast as possible. The personal injury lawyers at Gould Injury Law handle a variety of Connecticut personal injury cases that include the following.

Car Accidents
When a car accident occurs, determination of fault according to Connecticut negligence law needs to be determined. This can be difficult to accomplish, but an experienced car accident lawyer knows where to begin and how to attain success.

From fender-benders to one-vehicle accidents and rollovers, many auto accidents happen every day, often leaving victims without a vehicle but with severe injuries. If you are a victim of a car accident in Connecticut, we will fight aggressively to hold the negligent driver responsible and get you the compensation you deserve.

Slip-and-fall Accidents
If you are on the premises of a business or personal property and are seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you may be able to recover compensation. Property and business owners should keep their premises safe. When negligent in providing a safe environment that results in a slip-and-fall accident, they are responsible and liable to pay for your loss and damage. Contact us when you need a personal injury law firm for a free consultation.

Workers’ Compensation
Have you been injured on the job? Workplace accidents can be devastating to not only your health but also your finances. It takes time to recuperate and you may be forced to take some of this time off from work, which means lost wages. If you were injured on the job, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are unsure how to proceed, then you need a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer that knows personal injury law in Connecticut. Our law firm can help you through the process to make sure you get the medical treatment and compensation due to you.

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle riders usually have all the cards against them when involved in a collision or accident with a larger vehicle. Not only are motorcycle riders more susceptible to more severe injuries and fatalities, but there may also be more extensive damage to their vehicles.

We know when you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, it can affect not only your physical and mental health but also your financial future from mounting medical bills and lost income. You need fast relief and a lawyer who can get results fast. Call 888-WIN-FAST for a free consultation to start your personal injury compensation process.

Truck Accidents
Have you been hurt in a semi-truck accident? Truck collisions can cause severe injuries and fatalities. Because the rules, regulations, insurance, and the evidence needed can be more complicated than a typical vehicle accident, you need a law firm that knows the industry law. We have the practical knowledge and experience to handle your trucking accident case.

Your time starts running out the minute your trucking accident happens, because insurance companies have rapid response teams and investigators who aim to work against you fast. But because evidence is the key to your successful claim, we work even faster. When you need a professional personal injury law firm that has your time and best interests at heart, contact us today.

Nursing Home Abuse
One of the hardest decisions we ever have to make is when moving a loved one into an institutional setting. It takes a lot to trust someone else to care for our loved ones with compassion and professionalism. However, this trust is not always well-earned.

Signs of elder abuse or neglect can be hard to recognize initially. By the time it is known, the damage may have already been done both mentally and physically; or, even worse, there has been a fatality. If your loved one has suffered from elderly abuse or neglect in a Connecticut nursing facility, you need a law firm that will take a stand for elderly rights.

Wrongful Death
When a death is caused by the negligence or carelessness of an individual, group of people, or company, it is considered to be a wrongful death. Wrongful death is typically considered a civil action to recoup loss and damages, and there are specific circumstances that serve as the basis of wrongful death. While generally there are criminal charges, there can be civil penalties for negligent behavior.

Our experienced wrongful death attorneys at Gould Injury Law know we never restore the loss of your loved one. Still, we can help you by investigating the actions that led to the loss and protecting your rights under Connecticut wrongful death law.

Dog Bite Injuries
Dog bites and attacks can be scary and cause extensive medical treatment and financial hardships. For many dog attack victims without an understanding of the law, pursuing compensation can cause undue stress and uncertainty—often causing them to suffer in silence, especially if it is a friend’s or family member’s dog.

Because vicious animal laws in Connecticut can be complicated, if you have experienced a dog bite or have been injured in a dog attack, you need a personal injury lawyer that can make your claim easier with the insurance companies and the opposing party.

Medical Malpractice
Any medical professional or institution can commit medical malpractice, including doctor offices, hospitals, institutions, and their staff of doctors, nurses, dentists, counselors, and psychiatrists. They all have a duty of providing direct professional care. Yet, negligence can happen even unintentionally.

There is a difference between malpractice and human error. To distinguish between the two, legal qualifications must be met for a case to be considered a case of malpractice.

Connecticut has a statute of limitations regarding malpractice suits, and medical malpractice is a specialized field, so you need an experienced attorney who knows what’s going on in this legal sphere. If you have suffered from an injury and wonder if it resulted from medical malpractice, contact Gould Injury Law to have your personal injury case reviewed at a free consultation. When we take on your case, we do not drag it out for years; we work quickly to get you the compensation you deserve–fast!

Why Use Gould Injury Law

There are many injury attorneys in Connecticut; our law firm stands out from the rest, though. While other attorneys focus on multiple areas, our focus is on personal injury cases–you and your injury.

That’s why, when you need a law firm with the legal experience to get your case settled fast, we are the personal injury law firm for you. There are more reasons, as well:

  1. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to worry about paying lawyer fees upfront. We do not get paid until you get a settlement.
  2. Our primary mission as your personal injury attorney is to settle your legal case as fast and as efficiently as possible. We will be as aggressive as we need to be to get you the personal attention you need.
  3. Our law firm is based on integrity, loyalty, and ethics. Following these principles with each client has helped our law firm grow.
  4. We are unmatched in our negotiating ability. Our negotiating skills have given us the ability to help settle cases faster than many other personal injury attorneys.
  5. Our law firm was established in April 2012 in Connecticut, but our experience surpasses the age of our firm. The team of injury attorneys at Gould Injury Law has the collective experience of over 40 years practicing and winning personal injury cases.
  6. We have two Connecticut locations to serve your needs better. And if you can’t make it to one of our locations, one of our personal injury attorneys or one of our legal staff will come to you. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To win a personal injury case, it takes tenacity along with in-depth legal knowledge of insurance, state law, and the judicial system. Our intricate understanding of personal injuries, along with our ability to be tough when needed, is what sets us apart from the rest.

We will always treat you with professionalism as we take your personal injury legal claim seriously. We have the empathy to handle the most sensitive situations and the backbone to fight for you with aggression. We will not let you face your legal challenges alone; we will be the voice that stands up for your rights. We know that if you do not win, we do not win! Together, we work as a team.

Our personal injury attorneys are waiting to hear from you. We will take the time to hear your story and understand your needs from the first initial free consultation to the final settlement day.

Start Your Personal Injury Claim Today–Schedule your FREE Consultation

When you take advantage of your free consultation, we learn about you and your case, and you will learn what your legal options are after an injury. We work hard to understand you and your situation, and we also allow you the opportunity and time to ask your own pressing questions.

These question-and-answer sessions are essential in building the most persuasive case possible. We are serious about working to put your needs first to procure solutions that are right for you. While we represent you, we make sure that you know your options and case details every step of the way.

Between medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, lost wages, and punitive damages, there’s a lot of ground to cover. When you have the right attorney, he or she will turn over every rock to get you the compensation you are entitled to. We will sit with you and go over every legal detail to develop the best plan of action to seek the right compensation based on your specific case details.

No matter if you were injured at work, in a car or truck accident, or if you had a slip-and-fall on private or business property, we defend you from day one. When you choose us, you not only have a lawyer but an entire team of legal professionals on your side that wins cases fast.

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