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You trust healthcare professionals to make you better, not worse. When they betray your trust, it’s time to call Gould Injury Law.

There Are Many Types of Medical Mistakes

Anesthesia errors. Diagnostic errors. Emergency room errors. Medical device errors. Postoperative negligence . . . the list of medical malpractice areas goes on and on. If you believe you have a legitimate medical claim, it’s critical to have a lawyer that understands the nature of your condition.

Seeking Damages

The right attorney will assist you in pursuing every avenue of compensation to which you are entitled. Medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and punitive damages are some of the areas that need to be assessed. Then, a plan can be made for seeking compensation based on the specifics of your case.


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Gould Law has the resources and expertise to help you hold the doctor or hospital responsible for their carelessness. We can determine the viability and potential value of your claim, review evidence, and protect your rights and options moving forward.

Do not allow a medical mistake to become a legal mistake. Contact the Connecticut personal injury lawyers at Gould Law and we will take care of your legal interests and pursue compensation for all you have lost.

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