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Greenwich, CT, is known as one of the oldest towns in Connecticut. Full of history and culture, this coastal town also brings an exciting life to the city with a sizable financial service area. Greenwich is home to more than 60,000 people; it is just 50 miles outside of New York and brings many people to town seeking to enjoy a quieter city.

However, as nice as Greenwich is, accidents still happen here. When you are injured and need fast results from your claim, Gould Injury Law can help. We take pride in being one of the top personal injury lawyer firms serving Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding area. In fact, we are known as “The Fast Firm.”

We value the opportunity to help our clients on a professional level by providing legal representation when you need it most from attorneys you can trust. Our client-attorney relationship goes a step deeper as we work fast to protect your legal rights as if you were our own family. Call 888-WIN-FAST to find out more in a free consultation.

Gould Injury Law Attorneys

Getting Compensation for Your Expenses and Suffering

When injured in an accident in Greenwich, CT, we know you are in pain and stressed, not only from the personal injury but also due to your personal out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, and lost wages. To add insult to injury, the accident may not have even been your fault.

The Greenwich, CT, personal injury attorneys at Gould Injury Law have over 40 years of experience in personal injury law. We will work hard to prove that your injury was not your fault so you can get a fast settlement to cover your damages.

Call 888-WIN FAST to discuss your case and arrange your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. At Gould Injury Law, our legal team knows how to apply the Greenwich, CT, law in a wide range of practice areas, including the following.

Medical malpractice cases

Often, medical professionals make mistakes, from innocent errors to full-blown negligence, that can cost you your quality of life while also burdening you with further medical expenses. Since doctors and other medical professionals are well-educated and are often backed by insurance companies ready to protect the practitioner’s interests, you may be in a difficult position to defend yourself against medical malpractice.

That’s why you shouldn’t attempt to handle your claim alone. Consult with Gould Injury Law today–our personal injury attorneys have years of experience defending medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

When you partner with our law firm for representation, you won’t have to worry about going up against the big medical insurance company or defense lawyers; we will do that for you. We can serve as your voice so your case is heard loud and clear.

From investigating your medical treatment (or lack thereof) to interviewing witnesses and gathering pertinent evidence, your personal injury lawyer from our team will work fast to prove that your injury was at the fault of the medical workers. We will defend your rights and get you a fast settlement without dragging the case out for years like some other personal injury lawyers often do.

You must act quickly and call Gould Injury Law at 888-WIN-FAST so that we can move faster to file your malpractice claim and beat the statute of limitations of your case.

Car and truck accident personal injury cases

The busy center of Greenwich, CT, may pose many dangers for you as a driver and vehicle owner. Sudden stops, running stops or traffic lights, and hit-and-runs are just a few of the possibilities on the road that can lead to personal injury or wrongful death in car accidents.

Gould Injury Law’s Greenwich personal injury team knows that establishing all the details of an accident can be very tricky. We will investigate all the conditions of your car accident and give you reliable legal advice and representation. From there, we file a solid claim against the insurance company as fast as we can.

When an uninsured motorist is involved

Do you know what happens when an uninsured motorist collides with you? You may not, but we do!

We will retrieve a police report, investigate the details of the accident, and help file all necessary paperwork with not only the opposing insurance company but also with the court system when needed. If we can’t settle your case out of court, our personal injury attorneys will be fully prepared to take your case to court and fight aggressively on your behalf.

Call 888-WIN-FAST to get in touch with our legal team as soon as possible. If you face partial or total car damage and are seriously injured due to the accident, you especially are in need of legal advice.

When multiple parties are involved

If you are involved in a semi-truck or large commercial vehicle accident, there may be multiple parties involved in your accident case. This could include the truck driver, the truck owner, the company, and their insurance companies and lawyers. For you to face down these giants can be scary and complicated. But you don’t have to face them alone.

The Gould Injury Law attorneys won’t let you deal with the complex legal process alone. Call us to find out the first step you should take and how we can help you, at 888-WIN-FAST.

Slip-and-fall accidents

Weather conditions could become severe, especially during the winter and rainy months. Property and business owners often don’t keep up with seasonal maintenance like snow or leaf removal, ultimately causing you to slip on slick surfaces. These same weather conditions also cause many people to slip and fall inside of businesses.

Have you fallen inside a commercial business or on public or private property? Did you sustain a personal injury that you need a reliable law firm to help you recover damages and lost wages? You may be entitled to receive compensation to cover the costs.

Yes, the law is on your side to protect you from potentially life-threatening injuries that may cause temporary or permanent impairment. But you have to know how to apply the law in your case in order to make a successful claim. That’s why a personal injury lawyer is your best choice when facing a property negligence case.

Slip-and-fall injuries can cause you to lose wages and quality of life as other bills pile up and cause you undue stress. But you don’t need to let people who neglect their properties ruin your life. Every single Greenwich personal injury attorney at Gould Injury Law knows personal injury law and can build a strong case for you.

When you need a slip-and-fall personal injury attorney from a law firm that acts fast, the team at Gould Injury Law is the perfect fit for your case. Call 888-WIN-FAST and our legal team will communicate with property owners to defend your rights and get you a fair settlement.

Motorcycle accident injuries

We all know that the scenery is beautiful in Greenwich. It is an invitation to motorcyclists to enjoy the open road. However, the thrill of the ride may not come without cost. Many motorcycle accidents arise from the negligence and carelessness of others.

We know that you are in a vulnerable position when you drive your motorcycle. Drivers involved in motorcycle accidents may try to minimize their responsibility, blaming the biker. Insurance companies downplay their client’s involvement in the damages to defend their clients and reduce the compensation that could be rightly yours.

You shouldn’t have to pay when a motorcycle accident leaves you and your motorcycle damaged unfairly. That is why you must have an ally by your side like our attorneys, who have the negotiating skills you need to settle fast.

When you need a Greenwich personal injury lawyer, call 888-WIN-FAST after your motorcycle accident. Our personal injury lawyers are able to quickly gather the evidence to support your case to prove another party’s negligence was the main factor.

Workplace injuries

Greenwich is an industrial city where several manufacturing companies have their headquarters. No matter where you work, you may suffer injuries due to employer negligence or even under unintentional circumstances.

You could also become ill in relation to your job or work environment. For example, some people develop lung problems due to exposure to the polluted air in their workplace.

Of course, employers usually aren’t out to hurt their employees intentionally, but you should not have to suffer alone. We give you the right representation when you experience a workplace accident or illness. We also work fast to help you settle your worker’s compensation claim, even if it’s at first denied.

Call 888-WIN-FAST and ask for an appointment with one of our attorneys when you need a personal injury firm that cares.

Nursing home abuse

Nursing homes are supposed to be safe, caring environments for our loved ones. Yet, there are times when negligence and nursing home abuse happens.

In the case of nursing home abuse, call 888-WIN-FAST and talk to our team. When you need a law firm that can investigate the situation by thoroughly and quickly examining the case in Greenwich, Gould Injury Law is the right choice for you. We will help you prove your case and get compensated fast.

Wrongful death claims

Wrongful death comes about by either the intentional or unintentional negligent or reckless acts of a person, company, or group. Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult, and we understand your grief. When death occurs at the hands or acts of someone else, the grieving process is often prolonged because of a lack of closure and justice.

We understand that, during these trying times, legal advice may be the thing furthest from your mind. However, we want you to know that when you are ready to pursue justice for your loved one’s wrongful death, we are here. We will fight aggressively on your behalf to bring justice for your loved one. Give us a call today to discuss your specific case.

Dog bite injury
Many houses have a resident dog for safety and as a lovable family companion. But what happens when you or any member of your family get bitten by someone else’s dog? Who will pay the medical bills for your injury? Who will pay for lost wages when you miss work during recovery? The dog owner has the responsibility to keep his or her dog under control at all times.

Our legal team of injury lawyers will examine the specific conditions under which you experienced a dog bite. After establishing the facts, we will file a claim on your behalf to prove the negligence of the dog owner.

We will be the liaison between you and the dog owner to settle your case fast by presenting the details of the case. Our attorneys will do this by communicating with the insurance companies to file a compensation claim so you can pay medical bills and recoup lost wages from the dog attack. Call us when you need a team on your side–at 888-WIN-FAST.

Why Choose Gould Injury Law in Greenwich, CT

From slip-and-fall accidents to auto accidents and everything else in between, an injury can leave long-lasting effects emotionally, medically, and financially. Meanwhile, the stress from dealing with an insurance claim alongside the medical issues can leave you feeling helpless.

Yet, you do not have to handle your claim and fight the other parties and their insurance companies on your own. Gould Injury Law is here.

Why choose us? Because we can defend your rights fast and aggressively. We will be the team that makes a difference in your personal case. What’s more, we know how to handle so-called “difficult” cases and don’t give up easily. We are always aggressive in working fast to get you the settlement you deserve so much.

Our Greenwich, CT, law office looks forward to speaking with you at your free consultation! Just call 888-WIN-FAST.

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