As a car accident victim, you probably need someone to explain your rights and advise you as you make crucial legal decisions – and that’s us. The lawyers of Gould Injury Law can fulfill many roles as they work fast on your behalf for justice. Indeed, having our organized team handling your paperwork can bring you peace of mind as you focus on recovery.

When insurance companies act like bullies, personal injury lawyers can ensure they follow Connecticut law. If there is doubt about who caused your accident, our diligent team can investigate and gather evidence to prove the truth.

“The Fast Firm” is here to help, but concern about the costs prevents some clients from taking advantage of our services. What percentage can you expect to pay Connecticut car accident lawyers? Get personalized answers by calling (888) WIN-FAST for a free consultation. 

Anticipating Expenses is a Wise Move

Though we have all, at times, been surprised by the cost of an item, a financial shock can be worse when it occurs after a traumatic event. The last thing you want to do is substitute legal debt for medical bills.

At Gould Injury Law, we believe you should know what expenses are associated with personal injury lawsuits. Legal costs are the price of buying or obtaining a product or service. Some typical examples are:

  • Medical information: Documentation from healthcare professionals describing your injuries and treatment
  • Police reports: A record prepared by Connecticut law enforcement detailing details about your car accident (e.g. date, time, road conditions, people and vehicles involved)
  • Photocopies: Copies of important documents for consultation, court, insurance companies, or other relevant parties
  • Transcripts: Services to prepare a written version of an audio or video (e.g. eyewitness interviews) and court reporter fees
  • Deliveries: The postage needed for mail correspondence
  • Investigators: Expenses for professionals to examine the scene of the accident or perform other actions to find essential details about the cause, injuries, and damage
  • Expert witnesses: Consultation fees for field experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists, psychologists, or forensic scientists who might also testify in court
  • Filing or deposition fees: Money paid to the court to register a court case
  • Trial exhibits: Evidence used in a civil trial like scale models, photographs, animation, or objects

Not all these fees apply to every case. In fact, our lawyers are often able to settle cases fast, without even needing to go to court. If we do end up before a judge, you can rest assured that our aggressive lawyers will use our resources wisely to defend your interests.

Learning about potential costs can help you to make sound financial decisions. The expense of a law firm can be divided into at least 2 distinct categories – fees and costs. Now that you understand the costs, you should also learn how legal fees work.

You Need a Clear Understanding of Legal Fees

A legal fee is paid to lawyers in exchange for their services which include:

  • Investigating your case
  • Reviewing documents like insurance policies and police reports
  • Providing information and advice based on Connecticut law
  • Communicating with doctors, lawyers, eyewitnesses, and insurers
  • Acquiring third-party services (e.g. delivery, printing, paralegal)
  • Negotiating for higher, faster settlements
  • Preparing paperwork under tight deadlines
  • Representing you in court

This list is just a small sample of services. Cambridge Dictionary defines legal services as “work done by a lawyer for a client.”

Each law firm has policies about calculating charges and collecting payment for their work. Before you hire an attorney, you might ask if they use one of the following common fee structures.

By the hour

This straightforward arrangement bills you for each hour your lawyer dedicates to your case. Though his or her tasks might vary, you would owe the agreed-upon rate for the total hours worked. For instance, if your lawyer charges $100 per hour, you would owe $4,000 for 40 hours of services.

By the task

Some attorneys charge different rates based on various factors. For example, their time in court might cost more than drafting a legal motion. In other cases, a law firm might bill for the work of a paralegal or assistant separately.

Some lawyers use a flat-fee arrangement for tasks and often require an upfront deposit. They might charge a specific amount for their services, but you will need to pay up regardless of the outcome of your case.

On contingency

Understanding lawyers realize how difficult it would be for many accident victims to pay for legal fees out of pocket. And when a case is unsuccessful, that person would be in an even worse position than at the start. We feel that is unfair, which is why Gould Injury Law does not want to place a burden on our clients.

Contingency, by definition, is a provision for a future event. Instead of billing for our services at the beginning of our relationship, we charge contingency fees which can protect you in three significant ways:

  • You pay nothing upfront. Collisions usually happen suddenly, and accident-related expenses are rarely part of a family’s budget. Finances can become strained fast, especially if your injuries affect your ability to earn a living.
  • We get paid when you do. You do not have to worry about lawyer fees since we only get paid when we win compensation for you.
  • Our fees are based on a percentage of your recovery. We cover the expenses of your case from the money you are awarded in your final judgment or settlement.

Are you wondering how much your legal fees might be? You should get a good idea of legal representation’s financial obligations before hiring a law firm.

How to Determine Your Percentage Rate?

The State of Connecticut regulates how much lawyers can charge for civil actions. The law states that contingency fees must not exceed:

  • 33.33 percent of the first $300,000
  • 25 percent of the next $300,000
  • 20 percent of the next $300,000
  • 15 percent of the next $300,000
  • 10 percent of any amount exceeding $1.2 million

These limitations allow exceptions when a case is “complex, unique, or different from other wrongful death, personal injury, or property damage claims.” Connecticut rules of professional conduct also set guidelines to ensure fair billing practices.

Your rate should be reasonable

Lawyers must not charge unreasonable amounts for expenses. The time and labor required for a task are two main factors when determining reasonableness. Yet, the task’s complexity is also a factor.

However, reasonableness is subjective. The surest way to guarantee fair pricing is to pick a reputable law firm. Researching customer testimonials and case results can add insight.

You might pay more for exclusive attention

Some lawyers work on multiple cases at the same time, especially if they have a talented legal team supporting them. Yet, very complex issues require more time and energy than others. So if your attorney cannot work on anything else, he or she might charge higher fees for your claim.

Lawyers should put fees and costs in writing

The law requires that attorneys communicate the rate of fees and expenses in writing. If they work on contingency, the client must sign an agreement that would come into effect upon winning compensation.

You should understand any financial agreement you sign. If you have questions about your fee schedule, you can get answers fast by clicking the “Start Chat” tab on the side of your screen.

Lawyers working on contingency subtract legal costs and fees from the money they secure for you. Next, you should receive a check or a direct deposit of the balance to your checking account.

Why Car Accident Lawyers Are Worth the Cost?

After a car accident, the injured often struggle to get the compensation they deserve. The longer they go without a settlement, the more stress they face as their medical debt grows. Victims often lack the expertise and skill to deal with the overwhelming demands of a legal battle alone.

Gould Injury Law has spent more than 20 years building expertise and solving legal problems fast for Connecticut residents. We have seen firsthand the lasting physical and emotional challenges caused by car accident injuries, and we want to help our neighbors get relief faster.

Our law firm is ready to shoulder the burden for you so that you can focus on recovering fast and effectively. Our car accident lawyers can:

  • Tell you what your claim is worth so you won’t settle for an unfair insurance offer
  • Build a solid case to establish fault and justify what you are demanding in damages
  • Handle frustrating necessities like filling out paperwork and submitting documentation fast
  • Communicate and negotiate with insurers
  • Demonstrate skill and professionalism as they represent you in court

Would you like to learn more about the services of the fast-working lawyers of Gould Injury Law?

Contact Us While There is Still Time

Some insurers pressure accident victims to produce documentation without regard for their difficult circumstances. In other cases, people discover that Connecticut personal injury statutes are running out, and they might lose their opportunity to seek justice.

Gould Injury Law’s clients know that we pride ourselves on getting compensation fast. We are ready to leap into action, and you will not pay legal fees unless we win. Find out what compensation you might be eligible to claim when you call (888) WIN-FAST today to schedule your free consultation.