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Did you know that Fairfield County has a rich trucking history? In the 1900s, a Stamford, CT, company released a new line of high-lift platform trucks and tow tractors. Today, you still see hundreds of tractor-trailers on CT Route 127 and I-95.

Trucks actively ship billions of dollars worth of products in and out of Connecticut. Occasionally, as these heavy trucks pass through Stamford, truck accidents occur. If you are in a collision with a truck, you will need to act fast.

Are you wondering what you need to do? Gould Injury Law firm provides fast, free consultations for residents of Stamford, Connecticut, who have experienced truck accidents. Visit any one of our law offices located throughout Fairfield County for legal advice or contact us at 888-WIN-FAST. 

Your free consultation will help you determine the right course to take after a truck accident. Let’s talk about some of the different types of claims you might file.


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How to Get Fair Accident Compensation for Personal Injuries

If you or a passenger gets hurt during a Stamford truck accident, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Personal injury lawsuits seek damages for physical, mental, and emotional pain.

There are various consequences for each collision. Broken bones, whiplash, and internal bleeding are physical injuries. Our truck accident lawyers can help you recover compensation for your medical bills and treatment. Mental anguish, depression, or persistent aches are considered as pain and suffering damages. We can help you get damages for these non-physical issues too.

Most people would like fast compensation; this is especially true if you have missed work due to your injuries. Did you know you can legally hold the at-fault truck driver responsible for lost wages? Across Connecticut, award amounts vary based on the personal injuries associated with each truck accident. 

How Much You Can Get For Lost Wages

If you can’t work because of personal injuries after an accident, Gould Injury Law attorneys can help you calculate your expected damages. For fast, personal attention, call 888-WIN-FAST or send us a message on our website.

In the meantime, let’s look at an example. In Fairfield County, the average weekly wage is $1475. So we’ll use that as our base salary.

Let’s say you had an accident with a truck on January 1. You suffered an injury and spent 14 days in the hospital. Afterward, you did rehabilitative treatment at a healthcare facility for 35 days. You never regain full motor function, but you go back to work. From then on, you need ongoing therapy and some help around the house. 

How much would you claim in lost wages? Adding the weeks of hospitalization and rehabilitation, you missed 7 weeks of work. At $1475 per week, your claim would be $10,325.

Of course, you would also demand reimbursement for your medical transport, hospital bills, rehabilitation, and ongoing therapy. And if the accident caused emotional distress, you could pursue even more damages.

But what if a loved one died during the truck accident or later succumbed to the resulting injuries?

Why You Need to File a Wrongful Death Claim Soon After a Truck Accident

When you seek damages from someone who caused a death, you have a wrongful death claim. In Connecticut, the executor of the deceased’s estate can sue on behalf of the family. 

Compensation for various damages may be pursued. As in personal injury lawsuits, the court may award you non-economic damages, such as loss of companionship. If your lost loved one provided for you, Connecticut law entitles you to compensation for loss of financial support.

The truck accident lawyers of Gould Injury Law can help you get fast compensation. We can guide you and your family through the process. For more information, call our toll-free number, 888-WIN-FAST, for a free consultation.

Making a strong case is complicated. Getting a local professional opinion is a smart first step.

Our truck accident lawyers are familiar with the roads around Stamford and nearby towns, such as Bridgeport and Norwalk, CT. The local Gould Injury Law office team understands Stamford truck routes as well. 

In Connecticut, twice as many people die on rural roads than other streets. This statistic is significant because large trucks are not allowed on all Connecticut roads. A lawyer experienced with Stamford cases could determine if a commercial truck hit you on a “no-through truck route.” 

We also work fast to research, negotiate, and win cases for our clients. At Gould Injury Law, we know the importance of working fast to meet the Connecticut statute of limitations. 

You have only a limited time after a truck accident to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. If you call for a fast, free consultation, the attorneys at Gould Injury Law can let you know if you have enough time to get what you deserve from your truck accident. 

Why You Should Get Legal Advice for Property Damage Accidents

In a best-case scenario, nobody gets hurt in an accident. Yet, if a truck collided with your car or property, you likely have a property damage claim at the very least.

If the truck driver was at fault for the accident, his or her insurance should cover property damage. But what should you do if you think the insurance company is not offering you enough for repairs?

Contact one of our law offices immediately. Without legal representation, you could unknowingly accept an unfair settlement. Besides car repairs, you may be entitled to towing and car rental fees. 

Handling Personal Injury Accidents Caused by Negligence

In some cases, a collision is the unfortunate consequence of negligence. Negligent truck drivers have caused dozens of fatal truck accidents in recent years. If one of these careless drivers caused injury to you or one of your loved ones in Stamford, Connecticut, don’t hesitate to take legal action.

For example, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol could cause a driver to lose control of his vehicle. This is not uncommon throughout Fairfield County, a BAC of 0.08 is the legal limit. In 2018, at least 62 drivers died in alcohol-related accidents. If a truck driver drank on the job, you can sue for negligence. 

Gould Injury Law has years of experience overcoming the challenges of Stamford, CT, negligent driver accidents. Our practice areas include personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage among others. Call us at 888-WIN-FAST now to get the compensation you deserve for your truck accident. 

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