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All across America, there are thousands of truck accidents every year. Connecticut is no exception. Trucks or semis, tractor-trailers, vehicle carriers, and other big-rigs are a common sight along America’s highways. In Norwalk, CT, we see our fair share of big trucks especially due to our proximity with important Atlantic seaboard ports. Those affected by truck accidents need help fast!

Accidents involving large trucks can be grave. This is due to the size of the vehicle involved. An accident wouldn’t be as severe with two smaller vehicles traveling at the same speed. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Connecticut truck accident, you are likely suffering from injuries and personal loss. You may even, sadly, have a wrongful death case on your hands.

If you or a loved one has suffered in the aftermath of a big-rig accident, it may be hard to know what to do next. One important step you need to take is speaking with a qualified Norwalk, CT, truck accident lawyer. At Gould Injury Law, we are standing by to help you, fast! Reach our local law office at 888-WIN-FAST today to get started.


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Common Causes of Large Vehicle Accidents

All drivers share the same responsibility to obey the rules of the road and a duty of care toward their fellow drivers. However, drivers who have special licenses in order to drive extremely large vehicles can be held to a higher standard. Due to the large size of 18-wheeler trucks, the amount of damage they cause in accidents can be astronomical. 

If a truck driver fails to operate a big-rig with sufficient care and thereby causes an accident, according to the law, this is negligence. In personal injury law, negligence refers to the failure to exercise the proper duty of care to another person (or equipment) that results in danger to others. If you think this was the case with your truck crash, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries and damages. 

Negligence is a leading cause of Norwalk truck accidents, but there are other possible causes. These include:

  • Mechanical failure and defective equipment
  • Inclement weather and poor road conditions 
  • Road construction
  • Driver fatigue
  • Swerving or improper truck maneuvering
  • Shifting cargo weight

Any of these things, or a combination of them, can cause a serious collision. 

Trucking Companies’ Negligence

Norwalk, CT, is home to many various trucking companies. These companies are responsible for making sure that their employees and rigs are in good condition and can operate safely. 

In some cases, the trucking company may be found negligent. Examples of negligence shown by trucking companies may include:

  • Insufficient driver training
  • Unrealistic deadlines for deliveries
  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Failure to check a driver’s qualifications

Truck companies have a duty to make sure their drivers and vehicles are operating safely. It’s essential that drivers receive training and have reasonable deadlines. Delivery deadlines should include time for breaks and sufficient sleep. 

A trucking company’s negligence can cause its drivers to crash. In Connecticut, a personal injury lawsuit can be formed against a trucking company and a driver of a large truck. It’s important to know the legal requirements for such cases. An experienced Connecticut truck accident lawyer can help you determine who is at fault for your injuries. Contact our law firm today to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who cares. 

Consult a Local Law Office With the Experience You Need

At Gould Injury Law, our Norwalk, CT, lawyers stay up-to-date on the latest trucking laws, including:

  • Driver qualifications and requirements
  • Driving hour limits
  • Rules about hours of service and driving logs
  • Inspection safety rules
  • Drug and alcohol testing procedures for drivers
  • Distracted driving state laws

We also have experience in accessing pertinent information, such as:  

  • Insurance contact information
  • Highway Patrol crash reports
  • Past driving records from the driver 
  • Past crashes of the trucking company or the driver 
  • Safety violations 
  • Equipment defects 


Our personal injury lawyers can get the information needed to settle your case quickly. 

Norwalk, Connecticut Truck Accident Attorneys You Can Trust

After a large vehicle crash, you may face serious injuries, expensive medical bills, and property damage. It can seem very overwhelming to focus on fighting for justice and compensation. That’s where a qualified Gould Injury Law comes in, to work fast in pursuing compensation for your injuries. Our law firm will fight your Norwalk, CT, case for you so that you can focus on your recovery. 

We have experience in large vehicle accident cases and know each step to take. The first thing our lawyers will do is investigate your accident in detail. We will try to determine who is at fault, assess the property damage, and assess the true value of your claim. If you try to do this alone, the insurance companies will likely try to force you to accept a low-ball offer. Don’t let this happen in your case! Call a Norwalk truck accident lawyer for help today.

We are known as “The Fast Firm” because we settle cases as fast as possible. We know that you need the financial compensation and justice that you deserve in order to move on with your life. Our law firm is committed to providing all Connecticut citizens with high-quality legal care when you need it. That’s why we offer free consultations, and we are standing by to get started on your case now.

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After a truck accident, the trucking company’s insurance companies will work fast to shift the blame from the trucking company or driver onto you. They will also likely offer you a low amount that they hope you’ll accept. 

Don’t be tempted! You could receive much more with a legal expert working fast on your side! That’s why Gould Injury Law’s Norwalk truck accident lawyers are available for free consultations so that you can get started on your truck accident case as soon as possible. 

We know how to give you the best chance of maximum recovery after your Norwalk truck accident. Your injuries deserve compensation, and we know how to uphold the law on your behalf. Don’t let the insurance company offer you less compensation than you deserve. If you have suffered injuries from a Norwalk, CT, truck accident, contact us at our local law office today. We are available 24/7 and are awaiting your call at 888-WIN-FAST.

We’re ready to start your claim as soon as today! Contact us for a free consultation on your accident case with an experienced lawyer. We don’t get paid until you do and don’t charge any fees, because we are a CT personal injury law firm that cares.

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