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You’re not alone. Each year, about 10 million Americans experience the death of a loved one. Anyone who loses a family member or friend may feel intense grief. The sense of injustice that often comes from untimely death may make the pain seem even more unbearable.

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You may be unsure of what “wrongful death” means or if your family’s case would qualify for legal assistance. Let’s define the term.

What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death claims seek damages against one party for causing another party to lose his or her life. Family members can bring claims against individuals, businesses, or even governmental entities.  

These types of legal cases are complex. The main question is: Who is responsible for the loss of life? You must prove that your loved one died due to the other party’s actions.

Let’s consider an example. Suppose a woman enters a business in Wooster Square in New Haven. She is seriously hurt while receiving services and dies inside the building. 

The family finds out that an employee did something that caused the incident. They contact a law office to file a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death attorney gives them personal guidance while gathering evidence for a strong case. 

During the claim process, which may or may not go as far as court, the lawyer proves that the opposing individual or entity was guilty of negligence and malpractice. The family then receives a settlement that helps them pay for medical and burial expenses.

Wrongful Death Settlements

How much money can you, as the deceased person’s family, expect to receive in compensation? The book Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Calculations: Transatlantic Dialogue explains that the dollar amount varies based on the situation.

For one, it depends on the total damages incurred or the estimate of future losses. If you were dependent on the deceased, you may be able to sue for the loss of financial support. A settlement may also include money for health care and living expenses related to your loved one’s injuries or accident until he or she passed away. 

Why File Your Wrongful Death Claim as Soon as Possible

Attorneys can only help your family get compensation for medical bills and damages if you act fast. Connecticut law sets a statute of limitations for claims. To get compensation, clients must file soon after the incident.

There are many different types of claims, such as medical malpractice, personal injury, and wrongful death. Families should contact law firms as soon as possible about potential claims. After the statute of limitations runs out, it’s too late to file your claim. 

As soon as you can, get support from our experienced attorneys in New Haven. We are ready and willing to take on the responsibility of building your case, so you have less to worry about. You should be focused on your family during this difficult time.

How to Seek Legal Advice

During a free legal consultation, you can talk to a wrongful death lawyer about how to file a wrongful death claim for your loved one. You can visit Gould Injury Law firm at our office on 900 Grand Ave #1 in New Haven, CT. 

The unjust death of a loved one requires quick action, so for faster attention, call our personal injury lawyers at 888-WIN-FAST.

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