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You decide to stop by the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner on your way home from work. You’re walking down an aisle when suddenly you slip-and-fall on something that was spilled earlier. You’ve broken a bone and need to be rushed to the hospital. A simple trip to the grocery store has now turned into a long recovery, and when you think about the mounting hospital bills, you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what steps to take next.

There are many different scenarios like this one where it is important to have a New Britain, Connecticut, premises liability lawyer on your side. The attorneys at Gould Injury Law are experienced in premises liability cases and can help you get a fast and fair settlement for your claim. Property owners in Connecticut have a legal obligation to keep their land and buildings safe and free from hazards. Failure to maintain a property can lead to innocent victims suffering from serious injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured on someone else’s property in due to negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The Connecticut premises liability lawyers at Gould Injury Law firmly believe that negligent property owners should be held accountable for their actions. Our firm will work hard to ensure that you receive a fast and fair settlement for your claim. Call our law firm at 888-WIN-FAST to schedule a free consultation.


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Are You Eligible for Compensation?

In order to determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation after your premises liability accident, certain factors must be taken into consideration. The following elements need to be proven in a Connecticut premises liability case.

Duty of Care: First, it must be proven that the defendant owned, leased, or occupied the property, which would make the defendant legally responsible for maintaining the property and keeping it safe from hazards.

Next, it must be determined that you entered the property lawfully as an invitee or a licensee:

  • Invitee: This is a person who was invited onto the property for commercial or business reasons. For example, a person who enters a grocery store is an invitee.
  • Licensee: This describes someone who was invited onto the property for non-commercial and non-business purposes. For example, you go to your friends’ house for dinner and their dog bites you.

Breach of Duty: The following issue to be addressed is whether the defendant breached that duty of care. A breach of duty occurs when a property owner fails to act with the degree of care that would normally be exercised by a reasonable person in a similar situation. As an example, if a grocery store owner knew there was a spill in his store and failed to warn others of the hazard or clean it up, this could be considered a breach of duty.

Breach caused injury: This is the final step proving that the breach of duty was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. If it can be shown the Connecticut property owner’s negligence resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries, then you can seek damages.

It’s essential to have an experienced lawyer on your side if you were injured on someone else’s property. Our law firm will act fast to gather the evidence needed to prove your case and ensure that you receive the financial aid you deserve.

Types of CT Premises Liability Cases Our Firm Handles

The lawyers at Gould Injury Law in Connecticut have decades of experience in handling premises liability cases. Our knowledgeable and aggressive legal team works hard to get your case settled as fast as possible. Our law firm feels these types of lawsuits are important – not only for helping premises liability victims receive the financial compensation they need after their accident but also because it may prevent this type of accident from occurring again.

The following are some possible conditions that could lead to a premises liability case:

  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Uneven pavement or holes in the ground
  • Broken light bulb or dim lighting
  • Uneven, cracked, or cluttered hallways, walkways, aisles or sidewalks
  • Staircases that have broken handrails or uneven steps
  • Construction sites that are not up to code
  • Insufficient or negligent security
  • Elevators that don’t flush up to the landing or have doors that open and close incorrectly
  • Snow or ice build-up on parking lots and sidewalks
  • Exposure to toxic mold or chemicals
  • Dog bites
  • Electrical hazards
  • Objects falling off of shelves, roofs, or other high places
  • Standing water or other spills left without warning

What Should to Do When You Get Hurt On Someone Else’s Property

If you were injured on the property of someone else, you have certain legal rights that you may be unaware of. After your accident, it’s best to contact a New Britain, CT, personal injury attorney as soon as possible; he or she will ensure you receive the medical attention and financial compensation that you need.

Keep the following in mind if you were injured on someone’s property:

  1. Don’t blame yourself for your injury. Some people will dismiss a personal injury that occurred on the property of someone else; they may say that they were simply not paying attention or just being clumsy. Remember, though, that property owners are required to maintain their properties and that some basic maintenance on their part can prevent accidents.
  2. Seek medical attention immediately. Your injuries need to be attended to or they may become worse, and delaying going to the doctor could negatively affect your claim.
  3. Speak to witnesses of the accident and gather their contact information. Obtain their names and contact information; witness statements could be imperative to your case.
  4. Make sure that the manager fills out an incident report if your accident occurred in a store, restaurant, or another public building in Connecticut. However, don’t sign the report until you’ve had a chance to read it over thoroughly or preferably checked by a lawyer.
  5. Speak to a Connecticut personal injury attorney about your case. It’s important to have someone on your side advocating for you and ensuring that you get the help that you need. Our premises liability lawyers at Gould Injury Law will act fast to get you the justice you deserve. Call 888-WIN-FAST to schedule your initial free consultation.

Contact Gould Injury Law Today in Hartford, CT About Your Personal Injury

If you or someone you love was injured because of a hazard or danger on public or private property belonging to someone else, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Regardless of whether the cause was an error in judgment, blatant disregard for safety, or an action or inaction caused your personal injury, the liable party should be held legally accountable.

A premises liability claim can be brought against an owner of a business or home, a contractor who hasn’t safely maintained a construction site, New Britain’s local government, or even the state government of Connecticut if your accident occurred on public property.

There is a statute of limitations on some types of premises liability claims, so don’t delay in contacting a lawyer about your case. The lawyers at Gould Injury Law located in Hartford, CT, care about the residents of New Britain and are dedicated to fighting for your rights. We work hard and act fast to make sure you receive the financial compensation you need. Contact 888-WIN-FAST to schedule your free consultation.

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