Did a company hire you as a temporary worker? Did you work in their facility or on their job site? And, more importantly, were you hurt while working for them?

Although you were a temporary worker, there are still obligations that the company has toward you. There are requirements regarding your safety that the company that hired you must fulfill.

Employer Responsibilities According to OSHA

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. From OSHA’s perspective, the company has a responsibility toward each temporary worker. The company is responsible either in part or whole for the safety and protection of these workers as well as regular employees.

This is true, including when the temporary worker is contracted through an agency. As far as OSHA is concerned, the agency and the company you performed work for are joint employers on the matter of safety. Both entities share accountability and liability for the temporary workers.

Nonetheless, all parties involved are often slow to assist an injured temporary worker. This can be especially true for insurance companies. At times, they can be outright resistant to helping.
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Who is Responsible For Accidents That Involve Temporary Workers?

From the viewpoint of OSHA, a company that hires a temporary worker is the host employer, whether the contractor made the agreement with the company directly or through a temp agency. Legal precedents exist which affect both the host employer and the temp agency if one was used. The employer and agency can be held liable for injuries that occur to temporary employees.

The host employer is the one who directed and oversaw your work. Thus, a measure of the liability, perhaps even all of it, rests on the employer. This is true whether you were a temporary worker employed with a staffing agency or hired directly by the host employer.

Consequently, a crucial issue is whether the host employer has a procedure in place and uses it to train everyone in the workplace. More specifically, did the host employer ensure that you received that training? This is one of the most relevant questions that lawyers at Gould Injury Law can help you answer.

Please note the following key questions that must be analyzed in connection to an employer’s responsibility toward the temporary worker:

  1. Did your employer ensure that you received the necessary safety training for your task?
  2. Did your employer make certain that you obtained the certification needed for your work?
  3. Did your trainer watch you demonstrate that you could correctly and safely perform your job?
  4. Did your trainer or supervisor provide you with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) pertinent to your job?
  5. Did your trainer and your supervisor answer your questions and concerns about how you could safely and correctly use, wear, and operate the equipment connected to your job?

As a temporary worker, you are expected by the host employer to fulfill your contracted work. However, you also can expect that your employer will train you to do your work safely. Your employer has a responsibility to protect you. If he or she has failed to do this, Gould Injury Law can help you.

Your Safety is a Priority

When it comes to your safety, the host company is under obligation to make certain that their workers, both permanent and temporary, are safe. The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970 discusses temporary workers. It specifically identifies that temporary workers are to receive protections.

According to the Act, temporary workers are to receive the same protections as permanent workers. This means that the temporary employee is trained in the safety protocols connected to his or her job and has the required personal protective equipment. He or she is also protected against punishment and retribution from employers when reporting an injury or safety concern.

In the context of safety, all workers on the job site are equal. Employers need to provide workplace safety. If you have been injured on the job here in New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury or elsewhere in Connecticut, you deserve to receive compensation. Our experienced lawyers at Gould Injury Law can help get you that compensation as fast as possible.

How to Deal With Challenging Insurance Companies

A work-related injury can create problems in all your activities of life. These challenges can persist for a long time. They may even be permanent. The compensation you require to deal with these difficulties needs to come fast.

Unfortunately, the reputation of insurance companies is to respond slowly to claims. Rather, they may drag their feet in getting you the restitution you need. They are likely to try to offer you an inadequate amount of compensation when your case is worth more.

The insurance company has the primary goal of saving money. In order to accomplish this, they will use many tactics to wear you down and hoodwink you. It is possible that they will try to imply that you do not qualify for compensation as a temporary worker.

Our legal team can help ensure that the insurance company does not weasel out of paying you what you deserve. We are up to the challenge of confronting challenging insurance companies. We are quite capable of negotiating, persuading, and dealing with this monkey business so common to insurance companies.

Help For Temporary Workers

As a temporary worker, you may have worked on construction sites, in warehouses, or in an office. The reality is that a workplace injury can happen in any of these environments. Once you are injured, you may be confronted with large medical bills, reduced earnings, and mental and emotional stress.

Our construction accident attorneys at Gould Injury Law understand how difficult a time this can be for you. Helping you recover financially as fast as possible is a top priority to us, and we know what we’re doing. We are well-versed in the laws connected to workers’ compensation, and we understand how the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act relates to temporary workers.

Gould Injury Law wants to enable you to focus on your physical recovery so you can start feeling better faster. When we take on your case, we will use our skills and knowledge to get you the financial help you need fast and expediently. Call 888-WIN-FAST to find out more.

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