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As much as 20 percent of Danbury residents are seniors. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can provide high-quality care for seniors who can’t take care of themselves adequately, allowing them to age with dignity and grace.

Unfortunately, some seniors have suffered neglect and mistreatment at the hands of the very ones that their families entrusted them to. This breach of trust is fast becoming shockingly more common. The US Department of Justice estimates that more than 1 in 10 seniors experience some form of elder abuse every year.

Has this been your experience? If your older loved one has suffered abuse in a nursing home or at the hands of assisted living facility staff members in or around Danbury, CT, you may need legal help – and fast. Call Gould Injury Law at 888-WIN-FAST to ensure that your family gets the justice they deserve. Your free consultation is just a phone call away.


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Has Your Loved One Suffered Elder Abuse in CT?

Families like yours often have little choice but to place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home. This is not a decision that you’ve taken lightly. Since these homes and their staff are available for the express purpose of compassionately caring for the elderly, reports of nursing home negligence are distressing.

What is nursing home abuse? It is any action or inaction, whether intentional or not, that causes harm or risk of harm to a nursing home resident. This can take place in other care facilities as well. Elder abuse is a serious matter. The trauma that it brings can result in physical and psychological harm, strain social and family relationships, bring financial loss, and even contribute to premature death.

Elder abuse can take many forms. Note just a few of the types of nursing home abuse below. Has your loved one suffered from any of these?

  • Physical abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Neglect and abandonment
  • Sexual abuse

Nursing home negligence and abuse bring suffering to both residents and their families. If you believe that your family member has been mistreated at one of Danbury’s nursing homes, you may need legal representation.

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Warning Signs to Look Out For In a CT Nursing Home

What if you are unsure whether abuse has occurred or nursing home negligence has taken place? Here are some warning signs that you may have already observed.

Physical abuse
As hard as it is to believe, some nursing home staff members have been known to physically abuse residents. Does your loved one have bruises, black eyes, or rope marks on his or her wrists? Or perhaps he or she has experienced an unexplained injury, such as a bone fracture or break?

There are also some emotional warning signs to watch out for, including sudden changes in behavior or a caregiver’s refusal to let you meet with your loved one alone.

Psychological abuse
Has your loved one’s demeanor changed significantly and rapidly? Being emotionally upset or easily agitated, withdrawn, non-communicative, or non-responsive can indicate emotional abuse. Be especially observant of emerging depression or anxiety. Ask your loved one how he or she is being treated and listen carefully.

Financial exploitation
Opportunists may exploit the generous and trusting nature of older ones. Have you noticed any sudden changes in your loved one’s bank account balance or banking practices? Has your loved one withdrawn a large sum of money for no apparent reason or added a name onto a bank card? Unexplained banking anomalies are red flags that another person may be pulling the strings.

Neglect and abandonment
If your family member seems dehydrated, malnourished, or has poor personal hygiene, his or her caregiver may be neglecting important needs. You have trusted this facility to provide a safe environment for your family member since he or she deserves to be treated with dignity. However, you must always pay attention to the state of the room, any lingering foul orders, or other signs that may indicate negligence and abandonment.

Sexual abuse
A truly deplorable form of mistreatment, sexual abuse is somewhat rare but not unheard of in care facilities. Keep an eye out for bruises around your loved one’s private parts and unexplained bleeding on bed sheets or clothing. There may be emotional signs too, such as a change in your loved one’s demeanor, especially when the abuser is near.

If the above describes what your loved one has experienced, we urge you to consult a legal team that understands the intricacies and implications of nursing home abuse. Gould Injury Law has helped many Danbury families who have faced similar situations.

You don’t have to fight for justice on your own. Connect with a law firm that cares by calling Gould Injury Law today at 888-WIN-FAST.

How Gould Injury Law Can Help Your Family

Putting your loved one in the care of any nursing home is an act of tremendous trust. It was undoubtedly a decision that you and your family measured carefully. And now, through no fault of your own, your family is suffering for the abuse or neglect by the very people you have placed your faith in.

Please be assured that you are not alone. Don’t feel powerless. Take control of the situation by working with a team that understands the intricacies of nursing home abuse – the experienced Gould Injury Law team.

How can Gould Injury Law assist your family? We can help you by:

  • Creating a strong legal case that proves your loved one’s suffering was the direct result of someone else’s negligence or abuse
  • Collecting compensation by filing a lawsuit against the guilty party
  • Getting you a sense of closure as you see justice served
  • Preventing other families from suffering through the same harrowing experience that you did by taking this stand

If you feel that your loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of a negligent nursing home – be it physically, emotionally, sexually, or financially – trust your instincts. Connect with a Danbury personal injury lawyer who can help you understand your family’s legal rights.

If you want fast results, you know who to call. Call Gould Injury Law today for a free consultation at 888-WIN-FAST.

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