Workplace accidents quickly turn “just another day on the job” into something far more dangerous. No one goes to work expecting to be injured, it is the sudden, unexpected nature of accidents that can lead to mistakes in filing for and successfully receiving the benefits of Connecticut workers’ compensation. The more you know about workers’ compensation law in Connecticut, the greater your chance of receiving the compensation you deserve. Avoiding common mistakes will greatly increase the odds of a successful outcome.

Failure To Report An Accident

A big mistake employees make when they are involved in an accident at work is failing to report it. Employees injured in workplace accidents are often hesitant to make a report for many reasons. They may not want to “cause trouble” for their boss, or the injury may seem too minor at first, not worth making a fuss over. Perhaps an employee is fearful that reporting an accident will put their job at risk. Connecticut workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect employees from such concerns.

If you have been injured at work it is critical that you verbally report the accident to your supervisor and also file a written report. What seems like a minor inconvenience can turn into something more long lasting and serious, requiring more medical intervention than initially thought. Workers’ compensation law in Connecticut has certain time limits in place for receiving compensation, promptly reporting an accident is crucial to a successful settlement. For a free consultation contact Gould Injury Law at 888-WIN-FAST.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Particularly if an accident seems minor, some employees wrongly decide to treat an injury themselves and fail to see a medical professional. Not only is this dangerous to your well-being, it can also complicate a workers compensation claim. Medical records will include a doctor’s evaluation and findings, as well as, a diagnosis and treatment plan for going forward. Failure to have proper medical documentation can hurt your case and severely limit the benefits you may have otherwise qualified for.

Failure To Inform Medical Personnel an Injury Occurred At Work

Another mistake accident victims make is receiving treatment but failing to inform medical personnel that the injury occured while on the job. Workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect employees, not punish businesses. Disclosing that an injury happened at work will not harm your employer, it will however, help you to receive the medical care you need at no cost to you. It may be possible to recover the cost of medical bills even if you failed to disclose the injury was work related. Contact an attorney with experience in worker’s compensation law for help.

Failing to File Completed Paperwork

After a work-place accident you must file a workers’ compensation claim. This claim is not a lawsuit against your employer, it is simply a request for appropriate employee benefits available under the workers’ compensation law. Employers are required to provide a claim form for any employee that incurs an injury or accident. Accidents can be stressful for everyone and if in the confusion your employer fails to offer you a claim form, simply ask for one. The claim form must be completed in order for you to get benefits. Fill out the appropriate sections and make sure all the information is accurate. Don’t forget to sign the form and get a completed copy after your employer fills out their section. Filing your claim in an accurate and timely manner helps avoid delays in compensation. If you have filed a workers’ compensation claim and are unsatisfied with the results, the attorneys at Gould Injury Law can help. Call 888-WIN-FAST for a free case evaluation.

Incomplete or Missing Records

Medical records, copies of claim forms and accident reports are not the only things that should be documented when you have been injured at work. It is critical that you keep a written record of all the days you had to miss work, as well as any out of pocket expenses you have incurred. Small and seemingly insignificant things can add up overtime to create a financial burden that isn’t legally yours to carry. Keep a log book, a dated journal, copies of all your receipts, and anything else related to the accident and your treatment. Accurate records are crucial to helping you prove a workers’ compensation case.

Not Reporting All Injuries

Accidents are stressful and when they happen at work it is doubly so. Don’t let the stress of the accident keep you from reporting every injury you have incurred. Sometimes the injuries that seem less significant turn out to be the ones that cause problems long term. In order for workers’ compensation to pay the benefit you are entitled, the extent and exact nature of all injuries must be reported. If an injury heals without long-term problems then you are out nothing by reporting it, if however, it fails to heal or there are complications, you have much to gain by listing the injury on the initial report.

Not Having Legal Representation

Workers’ compensation laws are enacted to enable injured workers to receive compensation without initiating legal action against a specific employer. Employers pay workers’ compensation insurance to cover these claims. The employer’s insurance company has attorneys on their side to limit the amount they pay out and mitigate liability. It makes sense that you would have an attorney to represent your interests as well.

Legal representatives can answer questions, contact medical providers, and complete paperwork. An experienced workers’ comp attorney represents your interests at hearings, trials, mediations, and other proceedings. Negotiating a settlement is where a top-rated attorney does the most good, making sure the settlement amount is fair and sufficient.

Gould Injury Law is a team of experienced attorneys and staff dedicated to helping employees who have been injured on the job in Connecticut. Call Gould Injury Law for a free consultation 888-WIN-FAST. Put 20 plus years of experience to work for you.

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