You are stopped at a traffic light when suddenly your vehicle lurches forwards. It takes a few seconds for you to comprehend what just happened, but then you realize that you have been rear-ended. Now, what should you do?

Being involved in a car accident can be stressful and overwhelming. You may be unsure who to contact and how to recover financial compensation for damages, but the fast-acting personal injury lawyers at our law firm are here to help. We can investigate the cause of your accident and help you file a car accident or personal injury claim.

At Gould Injury Law in Connecticut, we understand that a rear-end accident can leave you with a pile of medical bills and injuries that prevent you from being able to return to work right away. We know how much you need that quick financial settlement, and we pride ourselves on consistently getting fast results for our clients.

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What to Do After a Connecticut Rear-End Collision

Immediately after a rear-end accident, your emotions may be running high, making it difficult to think clearly. However, the steps you take following the accident can affect how you recover financially from the collision.

Taking these actions following the rear-end accident can help make the claims process easier:

  • Determine whether anyone is injured: Your health and the well-being of everyone involved in the accident are most important. Assess yourself and your passengers for injuries. If your condition is severe, try not to move and wait for emergency services.
  • Call 911: Even if nobody was seriously injured in the accident, it is important to contact the authorities. When the police arrive, note the officer’s name and badge number. Request that a copy of the accident report be given to you or your insurance company.
  • Move to safety: If the rear-end collision is minor and you are not seriously injured, move to the sidewalk or side of the road. If your vehicle is drivable, pull it over to where it will not be in the way of traffic. Keep your hazard lights on and emergency triangles up to alert other drivers to slow down.
  • Do not admit fault: In the case of rear-end collisions, it is normally the driver who hit the other from behind that is at fault. However, there is sometimes the exception to the rule. Never take the blame for the accident. Let the insurance companies and personal injury lawyers involved determine fault and liability.
  • Exchange contact information: Gather the name, phone number, license plate number, vehicle make and model, and insurance information of every driver involved in the accident. Take photos of their license plate and insurance card.
  • Document the accident scene: Take photos or a video of the scene of the accident. Include damage to the vehicles, skid marks, street signs, weather conditions, your injuries, and any other information that could be helpful when determining fault. Write down or record a voice memo of the details of the accident while they are still fresh in your mind.
  • Speak to witnesses: Eyewitness testimony can provide important evidence when filing a claim. Take down the names and contact information of anyone who saw the rear-end collision happen.
  • See a doctor: Even if you initially feel fine following a rear-end accident, it is best to go to a hospital or clinic and get checked out by a doctor. Some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, may not always be immediately apparent. Be sure to follow the doctor’s prescribed treatment for any injuries sustained. Medical records provide important evidence in car accident cases.
  • Contact your insurance agent: Call your insurance company or use their mobile app, if they have one, to notify them that you were involved in an accident. Your insurance adjuster will tell you what they need to begin the claims process.
  • Have a rear-end collision lawyer evaluate your claim: Instead of accepting the first settlement that the insurance company offers you, hire a car accident attorney to review your case, investigate the accident, and help you determine what your claim is truly worth. When you choose the experienced legal team at Gould Injury Law to represent you, we will take fast action to get you the compensation you deserve.

Questions to Consider When Deciding Whether to Hire a Connecticut Rear-End Accident Lawyer

After being involved in a rear-end collision, you may be deciding whether to settle with the insurance company on your own or to consult with a Connecticut car accident lawyer.

Asking yourself the following questions can help you determine whether you need legal representation after your rear-end collision.

Does the at-fault driver have auto insurance?

A rear-end collision is stressful enough, without the added complication of being hit by someone who does not have car insurance. If you have uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, you may be able to collect from your own insurance company.

In other situations, you may choose to file a lawsuit against the driver who rear-ended you. A personal injury lawyer can help you decide your best course of action.

Is the insurance company offering me a fair settlement?

You may be surprised how quickly you hear from the other party’s insurance company after the accident. With medical bills accruing, it may be tempting to accept the first amount they offer, but this is not always in your best interests. Keep in mind it is the insurance adjuster’s goal to get you to accept as low of a settlement as possible.

The full extent of your injuries may not be apparent in the initial days following the crash, and the initial amount that they offer may not even cover the costs of your medical bills over time. A rear-end accident attorney from “The Fast Firm,” though, can ensure you are not taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies.

Were you fully or partially to blame for the accident?

While the driver that hit the vehicle is typically to blame for rear-end collisions, there are situations where the driver in front could be fully or partially at fault.

Examples where the front driver could be liable include when he or she:

  • Had a brake light out
  • Was driving aggressively and “brake-checked” the vehicle behind
  • Stopped suddenly, in the middle of traffic for no reason
  • Reversed unexpectedly without looking behind

Since Connecticut is a “fault” state, the other parties involved in the accident can try to place the blame on you. They may even file a personal injury claim against you. When you have a trusted lawyer on your side, though, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your attorney will work hard to advocate on your behalf and protect your legal rights.

How extensive are my injuries?

Some rear-end collisions in Connecticut only result in property damage or minor injuries. In this situation, it may be reasonable to simply file a claim on your own with your insurance. However, if you suffered serious injuries in the crash, you need a fast-acting auto accident lawyer on your side to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

You should especially consider hiring a car accident lawyer if your injuries are to be long-term or permanent. You may need money to cover modifications to your home, future surgeries, hospitalization for complications, and other medical expenses. If your injuries leave you unable to return to the job you had before the collision, your lawyer could also help you recover money for lost wages or reduced earning capacity.

Available Damages After Your Connecticut Rear-End Accident

At Gould Injury Law, our compassionate legal team understands that financial stress is common for victims of rear-end collisions. We have the skills needed to obtain fast results and ensure that your compensation is fair and protects you long into the future.

After a rear-end collision, you may be able to recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Wrongful death

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