With some 228 million licensed drivers in the US, it can be said that driving a car is an essential part of American culture. Unfortunately, though, there are millions of car accidents throughout the nation each year. The majority of these car crashes are the result of carelessness and inattention – AKA negligent driving.

With so many instances of negligent drivers causing accidents, the chances of being involved in a collision are high. This is especially true when you have to commute or travel long distances regularly. Unfortunately, the results of a car accident can range from minor property damage to severe, life-altering health conditions.

Who should you go to for fast help after a car collision? What type of lawyer can deal with a car accident case in Connecticut? Below, we will explain the type of lawyer who can help you after experiencing an accident in Connecticut.

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A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Deal With a Car Accident

Many car accidents in the US can be traced to human negligence. In some situations, intentional, reckless behavior is the cause of the collision. But no matter whether the cause was negligence or intentional careless behavior, if you have suffered injuries and damages, a personal injury lawyer is who you should go to for assistance.

The personal injury attorney can help determine who the at-fault parties are and work to settle a claim with them. If needed, your lawyer can fight with guilty parties who resist their accountability in the car accident case and help you recover financial restitution.

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How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You with Your Car Accident Case?

A car accident can be traumatic. However, it can also be just the beginning of a series of difficult situations that must be overcome in order to put your life back together. The assistance of a personal injury attorney can be pivotal in helping you reach this goal.

While you focus on recovering, a personal injury attorney can deal with your legal responsibilities. He or she can work to get you adequate and fair financial compensation.

What are some of the key methods a personal injury attorney can use to accomplish this?

A personal injury attorney can:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of your collision
  • Analyze and correctly determine the amount of compensation you deserve
  • Review the accident report filed by the police
  • Get the police report corrected if the police report contains errors
  • Confront difficult and resistant insurance companies to make sure you receive appropriate compensation

Having a personal injury attorney on your side after a car collision is a crucial step to ensuring you get justice. With a Gould Injury Law attorney working for you, you can get justice fast.

How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Fight Obstinate Insurance Companies for You?

Insurance companies can behave apathetically toward car accident victims. Since insurance companies are a business, it is in their best financial interest to avoid paying out compensation.

Thus, insurers tend to drag their feet when it comes to fulfilling their legal obligations toward the victim of a car collision. They can be unfair and even callous – often substantially reducing or denying a settlement.

In an effort to avoid accountability, insurance companies may try to claim that you are responsible for a measure of or all of the accident. A personal injury attorney, though, can shield you against an insurance company’s attacks to blame you.

An insurance provider may make an injured and recovering victim of a car collision fight for the compensation he or she requires. But you don’t have to take on the fight on your own. Your personal injury lawyer can negotiate with lethargic insurance companies that attempt to wear you down.

Your car accident attorney can put the necessary pressure on the insurance companies involved to acknowledge their legal responsibilities.

Fast assistance from a car accident attorney can be crucial. The legal process related to having an insurance company provide compensation can be complex and confusing. The attorney dealing with your case can ensure that your case is submitted and processed properly, achieving fast compensation for you.

How a Lawyer Experienced With Car Accidents Can Help You Obtain Compensation?

Your stress as the victim of a car collision can reach an unprecedented high in your life after the accident. Far too fast, bills related to your medical care and damaged property can start to pile up. Making matters worse, the injuries you suffer can prevent you from working while you recover.

If you are the victim of negligence in a car accident, a personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation. This financial restitution is to assist you in coping with the financial problems caused by your injuries. Additionally, you can receive a financial reward for the pain and suffering you are experiencing due to the accident.

The process of distinguishing, classifying, and appraising the compensation you are entitled to receive can be complicated and time-consuming. The process of calculation involves not only current expenditures from the accident but also future costs. Included in this analysis are future earnings you could have earned by means of your employment.

When a victim is suffering and recovering from an accident, the task of calculating and determining these costs can seem immense. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney who deals with car collisions can perform a detailed assessment of all the costs involved in your accident. Your attorney can then correctly and accurately pursue the best amount of compensation for your injuries and damages.

The financial restitution that you qualify to receive can include the following:

  • Punitive damages
  • Lost wages
  • Costs of surgeries
  • Hospital stays and care provided
  • Transportation by emergency vehicles such as ambulances
  • Doctor appointments
  • Cost of medical devices
  • Medications, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medication
  • Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental suffering
  • Emotional agony
  • Physical pain
  • Disability
  • At-home care
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Reduced life enjoyment

The costs associated with the items mentioned above can vary significantly. This variation is often related to the injuries’ severity and the property damage. There may also be other compensation you qualify to receive.

To be certain that you can receive the appropriate amount of compensation that you are entitled to, please speak to the personal injury attorneys at Gould Injury Law who have successfully dealt with car accidents. We can get you fast and fair compensation.

How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Challenge Inaccurate Accident Reports?

In a car collision that involves a person being injured or killed, the Motor Vehicle Laws of Connecticut require an accident report to be filed. This requirement is also applied to a car collision that results in property damage greater than a thousand dollars. Typically, the information presented in the accident report is prepared by the police officer who is present at the scene of the collision.

The police report is of special importance because it can be presented as a type of evidence in legal proceedings connected to the collision. It’s also relevant to insurance companies. They can use it in their analysis of determining liability and deciding how much they want to pay in compensation.

Thus, the accident report can significantly impact the financial restitution that an injured victim receives. It is of paramount importance that this report is accurate, but it could have some errors.

Errors presented in an accident report could negatively influence your ability to receive adequate compensation. Therefore, these mistakes must be challenged. A personal injury attorney can counter the position of the accident report on your behalf.

The personal injury attorney working for your best interests can present refuting evidence in a sensible and relevant manner. Ideally, this evidence clearly disproves the misinformation in the report, and the attorney can then correctly establish fault and appropriate compensation amounts.

It can be difficult to challenge the a police officer’s evaluation. It can also be exhausting to fight with an insurance company that insists on the correctness of a wrong accident report. Yet, a determined, fast-working personal injury attorney with the right know-how can make sure the correct facts are presented. This assistance can speed up your settlement so that you can receive fair compensation as fast as possible.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After a Car Accident?

A skilled personal injury attorney understands that each personal injury case is unique. Hiring a law firm that is proficient in car accident cases is essential. Such a law firm knows how to use the one-of-a-kind circumstances of your case to your advantage.

A personal injury attorney with Gould Injury Law can get you the justice you seek as fast as possible. What’s more, when you have our team of lawyers supporting you, you can concentrate on getting healthy while we protect your legal interests.

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