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What does the word “home” bring to your mind? Do you think of security, support, and companionship? These characteristics describe the best nursing homes. So if something bad happened to your loved one at a nursing home in Norwalk, Connecticut, you were probably shocked and horrified. 

You can’t change what happened, but you can act fast to hold the guilty party responsible. How? You don’t have to figure it out on your own. The personal injury lawyers at Gould Injury Law are ready to help you. 

Connecticut law protects the rights of abuse and neglect victims. If you live in Norwalk, CT, or the surrounding area, Gould Injury Law would like to offer you a fast, free consultation. Call us 888-WIN-FAST today to discuss your case of Norwalk, CT, nursing home abuse or neglect. In the meantime, keep reading to find the answers to some questions you may have.


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How to Identify Neglect

First, let’s distinguish abuse from negligence: Neglect is a failure to care for someone properly.

For example, nursing home residents with limited mobility need frequent attention. Nurses may need to reposition them so they don’t lay too long on the same side. 

Exposure to urine or stool makes the skin more susceptible. Nursing staff must change clothing and bedding soon after it’s soiled. Failure to do so often results in painful, irritated bedsores (also called pressure ulcers). 

A nursing home staff who rarely attends to these essential tasks may be found negligent by a court. Untreated bedsores can lead to severe medical issues, such as infections or cancer. So if you see signs of bedsores developing, take action fast. 

What about abuse? 

How to Identify Abuse

To abuse is to treat someone with cruelty or violence. The National Center on Elder abuse identifies 7 types of abuse, among them physical, sexual, and emotional. 

Frustrated or overworked caregivers may punch or kick nursing home residents. This type of mistreatment can lead to serious injuries, particularly broken bones and concussions. Violent or verbally abusive staff can make life miserable for home residents. 

We welcome you to seek the support of our Connecticut law firm, Gould Injury Law. A licensed nursing home abuse attorney will guide you through the process of filing a legal claim. All you have to do is dial 888-WIN-FAST or visit our Connecticut office nearest you.

Why Abuse and Neglect Occur in Nursing Homes

Researchers have found that stressed, overburdened workers with insufficient training contribute to the problem. As far as abuse, older patients with physical or cognitive issues are at particular risk. “The more impaired a person is, the more likely they are to be victims of abuse by caregivers,” states Edwin Mogaka, Ph.D. 

Severely impaired nursing home patients may be more likely to display aggression or frustration. As a result, the relationship between the patient and caregiver could become strained. 

Guilt is a frequent companion” of anyone responsible for making decisions for a loved one. When you entrusted your family member to a Norwalk nursing home care team, you expected the best. It’s normal to be disappointed to find out about abuse or neglect in nursing homes. 

But you don’t have to blame yourself. Every year, an estimated 2 million cases of elderly abuse and neglect are reported. Nevertheless, you can do something about this injustice.

Gould Injury Law has years of experience in the practice areas of nursing home abuse. Contact us online or call 888-WIN-FAST toll-free. A nursing home abuse lawyer will discuss your claim with you and how you can get a fast resolution.

When to Sue a Nursing Home

Some nursing home neglect is unintentional, but either way, you may still have a case. But first, you can determine when to act by keeping an eye on your loved one at the nursing home.

Studies stress the importance of communication with nursing home residents, staff, and family members. You might tactfully suggest that health care workers explain what they plan to do in advance. By communicating, nursing home workers can help residents to feel safer. Then patients are more cooperative, further reducing the risk of abuse.

You may also try visiting the nursing home often and without notice. Social isolation is a risk factor of abuse and neglect. 

Of course, some nursing home abuse is so severe that you should report it immediately. For example, if you discover that your loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse, you may decide to involve the local law authorities. 

If nursing home neglect or abuse continues despite your best efforts, it’s time to take fast action. Contact a personal injury lawyer at Gould Injury Law to discuss how to combat nursing home neglect and abuse. 

How Much Personal Injury Attorneys Charge in Connecticut

At Gould Injury Law, our nursing home abuse lawyers offer fast, free consultations to our Connecticut clients. We understand that preparing a trial can be a long, expensive process. So we arrange our payments to come from your successful settlement or award – not your pocket.

In other words, we don’t charge anything unless we can get you compensation for your claim. We will fight together to get you what you and your loved one deserve.

There are two reasons why you should start your claim as soon as possible. First, the State of Connecticut limits how long you have to file your case of nursing home abuse. 

Second, the faster you call, the faster you can receive damages. Please fill out our online information form or call us at 888-WIN-FAST. We are ready to help you and your loved one get compensation fast. 

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