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It was no doubt very difficult for you and your family members to make the final decision: Should your loved one leave the comfort of home and move into a long-term care facility or nursing home? We want the best possible care for our loved ones and expect them to be treated with dignity and kindness. Most nursing home facilities in and around East Haven, Connecticut, provide residents with an excellent standard of care.

Unfortunately, not all nursing home staff provide residents with the care they deserve. Every lawyer in our law firm is devastated to hear reports of nursing home abuse and neglect throughout the state of CT. When negligent nursing home facilities threaten the care and health of your loved one, fast legal action should be taken and the people responsible should be held liable for their actions.

Due to health limitations, nursing home residents may be unable to advocate for themselves. The nursing home abuse lawyers at Gould Injury Law are proud to be a voice for victims of nursing home abuse victims. We aggressively go after not only those who are causing the abuse and but also those who are allowing it to happen. Our East Haven, CT, personal injury attorneys act fast and get quick results. Call 888-WIN-FAST today to schedule a free consultation of your case.


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Do I Need a New Haven, CT, Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

It can be a challenge to identify signs of nursing home abuse. You may suspect that your loved one is being abused but find it difficult to prove, or perhaps you are concerned about making false accusations. There are common signs that nursing home abuse victims display, and an experienced nursing home abuse attorney can help you determine if abuse really is taking place.

If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home negligence abuse in Connecticut, don’t hesitate to call a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. Taking legal action is a crucial step to ensuring that the nursing home facility is forced to change its behavior. Sadly, often it is only after facing legal and financial consequences that nursing homes take the steps needed to inspire real change.

When nursing home administrators are confronted with accusations of abuse, you can be sure that they are going to be ready to fight with a lawyer representing them. They may try to make the accusations quickly go away by contacting their insurance provider and having them make you a low settlement offer. However, we recommend that you never speak to an insurance agent without your lawyer present.

The nursing home and their insurance may act fast, but we act faster. When you have a New Haven, CT, Gould personal injury attorney on your side, he or she will work quickly to ensure that your family receives a just a fair settlement as soon as possible.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse Cases We Handle

Nursing home abuse can take many forms. The following are common types of nursing home abuse:

  • Physical abuse. This occurs when a staff member acts in a way that inflicts physical harm on a nursing home resident. Broken bones, sprains, bruises, and ankle or wrist marks are indicators of possible abuse. Physical or pharmaceutical restraint is also a form of physical abuse.
  • Emotional abuse. Elder abuse isn’t always physical. It can be psychological or emotional as well. It includes such things as name-calling, shaming, ridiculing, and humiliating residents. It can involve ignoring the resident or isolating the resident from friends and family. Withholding medication, food, hygiene needs, or other things the senior needs as a form of “punishment” is also a type of emotional abuse.
  • Sexual abuse. Some nursing homes have been charged with the despicable act of sexually abusing residents. Examples include unwanted touching, groping, or sexual intercourse. All sexual acts involving seniors who lack their full mental capabilities or the ability to speak are wrong under the law, since the senior was unable to give consent.
  • Financial abuse. Staff members, other residents, and visitors may target residents for their financial assets. This can include the outright theft of their personal belongings, overcharging them for services, manipulating them into giving expensive gifts, or even convincing them to make legal changes to their will and estate.

Signs of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes are required to uphold a certain standard of care. When nursing home managers or workers fail to do so and contribute to a living condition that is hazardous or unsanitary, they can be found guilty of negligence and have a personal injury claim brought against them.

The following are common signs of Connecticut nursing home negligence:

  • Bedsores
  • Unclean bedding or clothing
  • Hazards in walkways or common areas
  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Unkempt appearance
  • Failure to report injuries or illness to medical staff and family members
  • Unhygienic living conditions
  • Improper distribution of medication
  • Insufficient exercise or social interaction

Unlike abuse, nursing home neglect typically isn’t carried out with the intent to cause harm to the victim. Often, neglect is the consequence of under-staffing, lack of training, failure to conduct background checks before hiring employees, or overworked and exhausted staff members. However, the unintentional nature of neglect doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

Neglect can lead to a resident being hospitalized or even losing his or her life. If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home neglect, contact a East Haven personal injury lawyer at Gould Injury Law today. You may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the responsible parties liable for their negligence.

Our Connecticut Law Firm is Ready to Help

The attorneys at Gould Injury Law will aggressively fight to pursue fast legal justice for the residents of New Haven and East Haven, CT. After taking on your case, we will quickly get to work assessing and investigating any signs of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Our Connecticut legal team has the skills, experience, and resources necessary. Together, we can ensure that those responsible for the suffering of your loved one are held accountable.

Contact our law firm at 888-WIN-FAST today to schedule your free initial case evaluation. A lawyer will sit down with you and listen as you explain the details of your case. Then your attorney will develop a strategy to protect your loved one and recover financial compensation.

Our nursing home abuse lawyers will work fast to obtain justice for you and your family, to get you a fair settlement as quickly as possible. Our Connecticut law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing out of pocket. We get paid only when you receive compensation for your case.

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