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Dog Attacks Can Destroy Lives

Beyond the physical pain of a dog attack, victims may face loss of income, loss of mobility, scarring, and mental trauma as well. Some dogs are trained to aggressive behavior for reasons of protection, but whenever a dog injures an innocent person, it is the responsibility of the owner.


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Complexities of Canine Violence

Some dog bites happen to mail carriers, deliverymen, and people who enter private property as part of their jobs. Other times, a dog may get loose or become violent with someone visiting the owner’s property, including their car. The circumstances—and insurance issues—must be quickly and precisely understood.

The Need to Work Fast

Dog bites must be documented fast. Injuries must be detailed, diagnosed, and rigorously documented. Plastic surgeons may need to be consulted. Liability and insurance coverage thresholds need to be discovered and a plan of action must be developed as soon as possible.

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