A car accident is both frightening and exhausting. Emotions run high when a collision occurs and can continue to be turbulent for some time after. Why is this the case?

Although you may no longer be in immediate physical danger, the problems and stress you must deal with after the accident can be emotionally, mentally, and financially draining. When you feel overwhelmed, who can you turn to for help?

A Connecticut car accident lawyer can provide you with the right assistance at the right time. This page will discuss the various ways in which a Connecticut car accident lawyer can help you. Do you want fast results? The law firm Gould Injury Law in Norwalk, CT, can reduce your stress by assisting you to recover financially as fast as possible.

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How Can a Car Accident Lawyer in Connecticut Help You?

Without warning, a car accident can happen in less than a second. However, the results of this split-second event can last a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. A car accident lawyer cannot change what happened, but having a law firm on your side can influence the next turn of events.

Car accidents can be diverse, and the complexities of a personal injury case can feel endless. It can be overwhelming for car accident victims to try to understand and fulfill all the legal procedures related to their accidents as they recover from their injuries.

A car accident lawyer, though, can take the pressure of handling your case off of you. This gives you the time and peace of mind you need to recuperate from your injuries. Working on your behalf, your attorney can diligently pursue a favorable legal outcome for you.

A personal injury attorney can benefit your case in several important ways. Your lawyer can:

  • Investigate the events of your car accident thoroughly
  • Analyze the evidence and determine who is responsible for the accident
  • Ensure that the accident report harmonizes with the facts
  • Determine an accurate amount of compensation that you may be entitled to receive
  • Process your case accurately and correctly according to Connecticut legal requirements
  • Pursue the accountable parties intensely for your restitution
  • Negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and other involved parties

A lawyer with Gould Injury Law can get you fast compensation so you can recover financially as fast as possible.

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do on Your Behalf for Your Case?

Following a car accident, you will be confronted by numerous difficult and tiring practical decisions. How can you navigate these? Simply, the personal injury attorneys at Gould Injury Law can handle the difficult legal issues you face and work on your behalf to accomplish the following.

Conduct a thorough investigation

At times, persons involved in a car accident may make statements such as, “It just happened” or “I don’t know what happened.” Of course, it is understandable that persons in the crash may have been caught off guard by the event. They may also only know what transpired from their perspective.

Therefore, a car accident lawyer can independently analyze the facts and evidence of the accident and determine exactly “what happened.” How can a car accident attorney do this? By thoroughly investigating and:

  • Examining the accident scene in person, when possible
  • Inspecting first-hand all the vehicles and objects connected to the crash
  • Taking photos of the accident scene and the vehicles and objects involved from all available angles – both up-close and with a wide perspective
  • Taking photos of all injuries to persons and damage to items
  • Scrutinizing all available photos for evidence
  • Searching for and reviewing any additional visual evidence – such as traffic videos, footage from security cameras that display the accident scene, or videos from persons present on the scene
  • Accumulating, comparing, and correlating all eyewitness accounts – both from persons directly involved and those who saw the accident
  • Reviewing and assessing the police reports for accuracy
  • Considering and assessing the extent to which weather affected the accident
  • Reviewing road conditions at the accident scene and determining whether they jeopardized pertinent matters such as traction
  • Looking for additional factors that could have influenced the accident, such as road debris, animals, and unanticipated obstacles
  • Identifying all traffic signals and road signs that could have or did affect the accident

By conducting a thorough investigation, a car accident attorney can deduce how and why the accident occurred. Keep in mind that the accumulation and construction of this evidence can be time-consuming, prove complicated, and require considerable effort.

But there is nothing to fear. An attorney can do this work while you rest and recover, so you do not have to worry about accomplishing these burdensome – yet necessary – tasks.

Confirm the accident report is accurate

According to the Motor Vehicle Laws of Connecticut, all accidents involving vehicles must be filed in an accident report. This is the case when there has been injury and death, or property damage valued at more than a thousand dollars.

The information in this report is usually prepared by a police officer who comes to the accident scene. If you didn’t receive the accident report at the scene, you can get a copy from the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection website.

The information presented in this report can be used later on in legal proceedings related to the accident. Insurance companies will also use it when determining issues such as accountability and compensation.

As a result of its significant importance, the car accident report must be accurate. However, errors may be present in the report at times. These inaccuracies could negatively impact your right to receive compensation or the amount that you obtain.

Challenging the determination of an accident report is a serious difficulty. Evidence must show that the conclusions in the report are flawed. This counterevidence must also be presented in a logical and coherent manner, making it clear that the report is in error.

A car accident lawyer can undertake this difficult task. An attorney can painstakingly oppose any resistant parties that want to hold on to the findings of an inaccurate report. A car accident lawyer can do this for you while you concentrate on getting healthy.

Get you the fast compensation you deserve

After a car accident, in no time at all, bills related to medical care and damaged property will start to accumulate. In addition, it is possible that your injuries could prevent you from working at your previous capacity, or perhaps you are unable to work at all. Thus, your stress can be high as you think about your financial situation.

When you are the victim of another person’s negligence, you can receive compensation to help you with your financial recovery. In addition, you can receive a financial reward for the pain and suffering the accident has caused you.

However, the thought of having to identify, categorize, and calculate all the current and future costs you are entitled to receive can be daunting. This is especially true when you are injured and recovering. A skilled attorney, though, can diligently pursue your best interests and get you the compensation you require.

The compensation you can receive includes:

  • Costs of surgeries
  • Hospital stays and care
  • Transportation by ambulance or other emergency vehicles
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Cost of medical devices
  • Medications and prescriptions
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy
  • At-home care
  • Mental suffering
  • Emotional agony
  • Physical pain
  • Reduced life enjoyment
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages

Confront obstinate insurance companies

An insurance company is a business, and the purpose of a business is to make money. Thus, when an insurance company pays out a settlement, it is acting contrary to its goal.

Therefore, an insurance company may attempt to do all it can in order to pay out as little as possible or nothing at all. In their efforts to keep their money, the insurance company may minimize your pain, injuries, and damage. The insurance company might even try to avoid accountability entirely.

Even in the rare case when an insurance company is completely cooperative, the laws that apply to insurance coverage can be confusing. The process of obtaining compensation from an insurance company can be complicated and detailed.

With a Gould Injury Law car accident attorney working for you, you can be confident that the challenges of dealing with an obstinate or cooperative insurance company can be properly handled. You can focus your efforts on healing while your attorney can focus on getting you fast compensation.

Gould Injury Law Car Accident Lawyers Are Ready to Provide You With Fast Help

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury because of another person’s reckless negligence? If so, having a car accident lawyer at your side can be just the help you need. A personal injury attorney can be the key to you receiving the financial compensation your situation requires.

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